There are some mystics that hold a vibration in their energy system, that is unparalleled to normal human vibrations.  In these videos you will witness one extraordinary guru giving his attunements and the results.  The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. … People who claimed to have the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers.  Universal Core Healing third eye attunement is an exclusive one of a kind in the world that expands your clairvoyance abilities instantly!  Eliminating decades of wasted time.  Students see interdimensionally with their bare naked eye open on the spot!

Pay close attention to the videos it is actual recipients getting their third eye activated by the Guru Tony The Healing Medium. 

Students see Jesus, Avatars, Angels, Deceased people, Loved ones,  Fairies, Cosmic energies, different dimensions, Tony The Healing Medium Morphs litterally into pure Golden Light and more.  Student witness all this with their bare naked eyes wide open, on the spot and in front of them!  Tony is the real deal!  Tony’s third eye attunement opens up your remote viewing abilities beyond the military star wars program.

Third Eye Attunement is only given to long term dedicated students! It is the only one of it’s kind in the western world.  And it is guarded as such.  Students must sign up for the our class first and go through the purification process before you can attend the THIRD EYE ATTUNEMENT.  It is by invitation only! No fly by night students will ever received it.  So please don’t ask to receive it.  Your long term dedication gratitude and humbleness will get you and invitation to receive it.  It is given as an initiation into Universal Core Healing so you can attain Super Consciousness.

The Third Eye Attunement is an intiation into Universal Core Healing for long term dedicated students only.

The pineal gland, also known as the third eye, is located between the two hemispheres of our brain, and is the gateway to higher realms of consciousness. In many ancient cultures this chakra was fully activated. However, due to under use and toxins in our environment, the pineal has calcified and therefore does not function properly in the majority of humans. It is possible to re-awaken the pineal gland and strengthen the antenna that send and receive signals to this area. The method used in this third eye attunement was also used by the ancient Mayans, as well as the Kahunas, to open and activate the all powerful, Third Eye.


Psychic development class with Tony The Healing Mediums eliminates decades of time wasted developing.