Why Take a Psychic Development Class with Tony The Healing Medium?


So, why take a mediumship class  with Tony among all the others that are offered. There are great classes out there offered by excellent teachers. I would recommend many of them. After a time, however, beyond the interesting tools you learn to use and the wonderful, like minded people you get to interact with, you may begin to feel like you have hit a wall. Like everything is just a variation of the same thing and you are no longer learning something new. You may feel you want something that feels more real, solid, more relatable to your day to day life, not just to the time you are in class.

Tarot, runes, pendulums, etc. are all tools that do the same thing, connect you to spirit. Why not just connect to spirit without all the tools. Directly and without any doubt. Learn to use the tools, even I fall back on a tarot layout on the days when I’m not my best. Most of the time, though, I enjoy a direct connection. This is what Tony teaches. Direct communication with your guides and loved ones.

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Spiritual healing and revealing of your life

Personally, I’m a bit lazy. I love the tools, or toys as I call them, but I don’t always want to carry them around. I love receiving and sharing messages, but I’m too lazy to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what all the pretty pictures mean. So I told spirit, just show or tell me what you want to relay without any metaphors or riddles. To the best I am able to understand, that is what spirit does for me. Unless I’m not getting it, then we use a simple metaphors until I do. This took practice and lots of time and I am still working on it. Tony will help you to learn how to connect directly to spirit in a quarter of the time it takes most people to get to the point of direct communication, if they ever do.

People are always asking, who are my Guides and Ascended Masters? What do they look like? Are my loved ones all right? Tony will teach you how to see them while you are awake, with your eyes open, in a trance state that you control .

“But, what I really want to do is heal.” That is what most people who study metaphysics want to do. To learn to heal others. Tony will teach you how to heal in a way that stays with a person their entire lives, not just a few days. He will teach you how to get to the root of a persons dis-ease, disease, and heal it in a way that will not only clear the cause of their energy blocks, but the symptoms as well. Symptoms that often manifest as illness.

Why take a class from Tony? All of the above and much more. His classes go a step further than the rest. The other side of that wall. A sense of advancement in your metaphysical journey.

One thought on “Why Take a Psychic Development Class with Tony The Healing Medium?

  1. We had class last Thursday. During meditation as we open our chakras, Tony concentrated on the Heart Chakra and not only how to open it but how to utilize the energy to improve our lives. He will often do this during meditation. It is information I had not seen offered before. Usually, in other classes, we just open our chakras and that’s it. The energy is there, God-given, for us. It’s just a matter of learning how to utilize it.

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