Universal Core Healing and How It Works

Universal Core Healing and How It Works. Heal-Reveal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!

Your life will reflect anything you need to address and overcome through the blocks and obstacles that have manifested in your life. These blocks and obstacles are called energy blocks or Karmic Imprints, ” Your Karma” Accidents, disease and negative situations are never random events! Everything can be traced back to an energy source. A “karmic imprint”. A karmic imprint in your life is the Root Cause of negative manifestations. Most of the time the negative energy has come from others you have or had a connection with, usually from your childhood but not always.

To restore ALL your power back in your life, you will need to find and identify in complete detail, details that you can connect and validate. Not generalities as you life theme is very unique and completely specific to your journey, since there is only one of you. Once your karma is located and identified you will need to neutralize any effects and damage done from these negative energy hidden inside your bio-plasmic electro magnetic energy body and inside your sub-conscious mind. Once your karmic imprints are found and identified the purification process begins. You will learn techniques to keep yourself and your family cleared of these negative energies. Without this you will keep recycling negative patterns over and over again. No matter what technique you have tried in the past, cosmic law will prevent you from permanently healing unless your karma is identified in detail. Knowing exactly what needs healing and the root cause “where it came from” and why it is in your life is the first step in healing it! It’s cosmic law. When removal and releasement of these negative karmic imprints are done, you are well on your way to reaching Super Consciousness. Attaining Super Consciousness and becoming your own guru is the end game. So you can continue healing what needs healing thru your Super Consciousness.

by Tony The Healing Medium

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