Tired of Struggling Thru Life? Live Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!

Tired of Struggling Thru Life? Live Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!  Find out the truth about your life and how it works.

Are you looking for a road map to guide you through life’s challenges?

What if you can wake up every day doing the things you enjoy doing, knowing that you’ll be successful in all your endeavors? As a spiritually centered human being, you consciously create your life, what you do, how you show up, who you align yourself with.

You can have a spiritually centered life. When you consciously choose and create everything in your life, you set yourself free from patterns and each success builds upon itself.

Use your clairvoyance to discern your choices and see your own truth.  More info schoolofuniversalcorehealing.com

Having this skill provides a model for creating healthy relationships, a fulfilling and meaningful career and a thriving spiritual practice where you trust yourself at all times. No matter what challenges life presents to you, you are able to work your way through them and ultimately achieve your goals.

What if life is a game, and it’s meant to be fun? What games do you play, where do you get stuck?

Do you know who you are and what you want in life? Or do you constantly find yourself a victim of life’s circumstances? If you are feeling lost, confused, unclear, or unmotivated, maybe you’re just playing the wrong game.

How are your spending your time? Is it with activities that inspire and nourish you or are withering on the vine? Why do you keep finding yourself in the same old, stale unhappy situations? Do you have the right tools to navigate life’s obstacles and challenges? Are you grabbing the simple solutions that are in front of you, or are you programmed to do it the hard way?

Who are the people you spend the most time with? Are they fun and supportive, do they have similar goals, can they validate and appreciate who truly you are, do they really get you? Or do you feel like a victim, being judged all the time, without anyone to support you? That’s a hard life to have.

rose_icon_tealAre you ready to change and play a new game?

The Intensive Clairvoyant Program Is It!

The Intensive Clairvoyant Training Program is a one of a kind training  program offered exclusively to those who are committed to developing their psychic abilities and using their clairvoyance to live a spiritually centered life. Through a series of Healing and Revealing your very own Karma ” karmic imprints”  you will live heal and awaken your psychic self guaranteed.

The program gives you all the help you need to create and implement a robust plan for long-term spiritual growth, awareness and understanding. It enables you to use your inner compass to guide you in your journey through life, so you can do the things you love doing, surrounding yourself with supportive relationships and have a purposeful life.

It’s fully tailored to your own needs. The Clairvoyant Program includes classes, readings, spiritual counseling, trainings and events to help you get new insights into your own spiritual heritage.

There are many spiritual teachings and traditions available to everyone, so what makes the School Of Universal Core Healing unique and different?

Psychic Mediumship Training Through Healing and Revealing your very own personal karma, karmic imprints, and energy blocks                                         

There is no other psychic training like this in the western world!

Psychic mediumship training and development class with Tony The Healing Medium..   Join us this week to receive a spirit message from your loved ones in spirit! “in the afterlife” ✉️❤️✉️EVERYONE RECEIVES A MESSAGE!!✉️❤️✉️ And learn how we do it!

 Our psychic mediumship training is a beginner’s guide to spiritual development       

This class is a beginner’s guide to opening the door to higher consciousness and connection to spirit. We will be working together to receive messages and signs from the beyond. We will focus on balancing our chakras and reconnecting our energies to the quantum field.    We provide a safe and harmonious environment that will easily, and comfortably help you raise your vibration to connect with your deceased loved ones.   Come join us and learn to develop your undiscovered natural psychic abilities! Self healing is very important in our class, as we will have a Reiki master onsite for energy healing as needed🙏 for more info

Our Instructor Tony The Healing Medium is a seasoned trainer with over 32 years of training and development behind him.

Tony follows traditional shamanic values.  He believes that your very own personal  karma,  karmic imprints, energy blocks, ( energy cords, etc.)  needs to be removed while developing in your spiritual gifts.  Why?  Simply put, this is what keeps you from  becoming an accurate powerful psychic and energy healer and what blocks you from permanently healing your life.   Through a series of healing, revealing, releasing and  purification sessions in class,  secrets, and karmic imprints, will be revealed to you about your personal lifeso you can heal what needs to be healed permanently!  Tony teaches that until you heal your own personal karmic imprints first, you will never be an accurate channel for spirit beings of light.  Avatars and Beings of light from higher dimensions will not be able to channel through you because  your karmic imprints will violate Cosmic law for  reaching Enlightenment.    Cosmic law requires you do your inner healing so you can be a clean channel for spirit and avatars.  So healing is priority in this class.  Tony comes from a shamanic background and  His grandmother was the village healer.  Extractions, cleansing, purification, and bringing people back to balance is our goal while opening the third eye in Tony’s class, which Tony does in the true Shamanic tradition.  This is only done in his class and nowhere else.  This is a one of a kind healing and revealing class.  This class will find the root cause to any negative manifestations in your life.  There is no other class like this in the western world!

Opening up your psychic self leads to all truth about yourself,  your past, your present and your future.   Yes, just like it says in many holy books.  “The Truth Will Set You Free”

Our students are part of an  elite group of mediums and healers, they are some of the world’s most accurate mediums.  Even more accurate than some TV psychics.  The information they provide will be 100%  accurate and you will be able to validate all of it.  Your psychic, spiritual, mediumship, and spiritual healing  will be built on a rock solid foundation!  Never before taught like this in the western world!