Psychic Institute/School of Universal Core Healing

Tony The Healing Medium

This is an intensive  training consisting of weekly lectures and exercises focused on developing your ability to see yourself and others clearly. This program emphasizes the psychic ability of clairvoyance, although other psychic abilities are taught as well. You learn how to use clairvoyance for self-healing. As a clairvoyant, you can experience life from a clear, neutral perspective. This training teaches all of the techniques you need to tune into your clairvoyance and use it in a healing manner

Beginning Students, in the first half of their training, focus on developing certainty in their ability to “psychically see” energy, information, thought, emotion, spirit, and more. This is where you learn the techniques to read an aura, chakras, spirit guides, and past lives. You will also advance beginning level tools like grounding, running energy, creating and de-energizing mental pictures, being in the center of your head, defining your space, and using neutrality and amusement. The emphasis is on developing proficiency as a psychic reader while using your psychic tools to strengthen your awareness and heal your body, mind, and soul.

Advance Students, concentrate on advance clairvoyant subjects and healing concepts. You will use your clairvoyance to explore and heal metaphysical constructs within the body and soul while understanding how these concepts function within the world. You will bring your communication with the Supreme Being to a new level. Spiritual entities, build your astral body, process the emotional body

The Clairvoyant Training Program is a dedicated space – a spiritual sanctuary – a time in which you will create significant personal and spiritual growth. You will experience and discover your own psychic gifts and learn to use your spiritual abilities to direct and control the health, happiness, welfare, and the freedom of being in your body. Deepen your connection to your spiritual sources and watch your life evolve.

In the Clairvoyant Program you will learn how to:

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Learn advance clairvoyant reading procedures and techniques

Develop the psychic skills required to see the energy surrounding a spirit in a body. You will strengthen your sixth chakra and expand your psychic certainty as you learn to read the aura, past lives, and personal questions of a various people.
Aura Reading
Chakra Reading
Past Life Reading
Male & Female Reading
Interrupting Metal Pictures
The Analytical and Intuitive Minds
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Acquire intensive healing methods for body, mind, and soul

Develop techniques to heal psychical disease, emotional trauma, psychological ailments, spirit disorders, and much more. You will learn to heal yourself as you perform clairvoyant readings for others while answering your own questions at the same time.
Aura Healing
Emotional Healing
Chakra Healing
Mental Healing
Supreme Being Healing
Heal Self While Reading Others
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Study a wide range of advance metaphysical concepts

Spiritual realities surround our physical world. This program teaches these concepts and shows you these ethereal influences. You will develop awareness of these spiritual influences while learning how to navigate and change your relationship with them.

In & Out of Body Experiences
The Astral Body and Astral Plane
Completing Karma Patterns
The Body and the Genetic Entity
Channeling & Trans mediumship
Akashic Records
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Communicate and heal through the Supreme Being

Connect and experience a relationship with your soul creator. Get on your spiritual path, follow your calling, and receive answers through divide guidance. Step into the light and find freedom from the darkness.


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Live Heal And Awaken Your Psychic Self!

Join us this week to receive a spirit messages from your loved ones in spirit! “in the afterlife”
✉️❤️✉️EVERYONE RECEIVES A MESSAGE!!✉️❤️✉️And learn how we do it! To attend you must visit and follow the RSVP instructions
Beginning psychic development class: This class is a beginner’s guide to opening the door to higher consciousness and connection to spirit and cosmic energies. We will be working together to receive messages and signs from the beyond. We will focus on balancing our chakras, healing ourselves and reconnecting our energy to the quantum field. We provide a safe and harmonious environment that will easily, and comfortably help you raise your vibration to connect with our deceased loved ones. Come join us and learn to strengthen your undiscovered natural psychic abilities! Self healing is very important to our class, as we will have a Reiki master onsite for energy healing as needed.🙏

Our instructor and Founder is Tony The Healing Medium

Tony The Healing Medium believes that spiritual liberation leads to personal freedom, meaning more happiness and secure feelings and that the two are intertwined and cannot be separated. We believe in Healing the mind through healing the soul, that healing the soul through Universal Core Healing will open yourself up to a form of advanced higher knowledge. This is the key to real and permanent healing that will manifest the life you desire. Opening up to advanced higher knowledge means opening up your third eye to your psychic self. Opening up your psychic self leads to all truth about yourself, your past, your present and your future. Yes, just like it says in many holy books. “The Truth Will Set You Free”

Tony comes from a traditional shamanic background from South America. His grandmother was the village healer. He teaches a very different style of psychic mediumship and healing classes. Never before done in the western world. Tony believes everyone is psychic as we all came from the same god. However there are what he calls karmic imprints, energy blocks, inside our chakras, (energy centers) that manifest what we perceive as our lives, subconsciously without us even knowing or being aware of it. We all have good and bad karmic imprints. The bad ones are our energy blocks, (bad karma). Those have to be removed before you can move on your spiritual journey or you will not get very far. So this class focuses on opening up your third eye through and along with a series of healing, revealing purification sessions with the class. Most of Tony’s students, if not all are powerful Mediums and Spiritual Healers! You will be among the most accurate mediums and healers in your area. This is a no nonsense approach in healing and developing your psychic gifts.

Tony has the gift of the Third Eye Attunement! No one else in the western world demonstrates this ability like Tony. It opens up all of your psychic abilities, your clairs, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc… Our third eye attunement enables all of your clairs including your clairvoyance to open up Rapidly and Accurately on the spot! Tony The Healing Medium gift of the third eye attunement will enable you to see between both spirit worlds, dimensions and our world our reality, you will see spirit people, angels, fairies, avatars and cosmic energies with your bare naked eye balls open on the spot and in front of you! This is a very advanced form of spiritual development. Only done here!

Tony’s Third Eye Attunement enables seeing between both worlds interdimensionally. Eliminating 10-20 30 years of development.

Students see Avatars, Jesus, Historical spirits, their Spirit Animal and Spirit Guides with their bare naked eye balls open and in front of them. After receiving Tony’s Third Eye Attunement see below Video


To attend visit and follow the instructions to attend



Psychic development! Live Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!

Psychic Mediumship Development Class San Marcos

 Live Heal And Awaken Your Psychic!

Psychic Clairvoyant Mediumship/Reiki Energy Healing Development classes Anaheim, Orange County will open you up to a higher vibration.  Join us this week to receive a spirit messages from your loved ones in spirit! “the afterlife”
✉❤✉EVERYONE RECEIVES A MESSAGE!!✉❤✉ And learn how we do it!  Beginners psychic development group, this group is a beginner’s guide to opening the door to higher consciousness and connection to spirit. We will be working together to receive messages and signs from the beyond. We will focus on balancing our chakra, and reconnecting our energy to the quantum field. We provide a safe and harmonious environment that will easily, and comfortably help you raise your vibration to connect with our deceased loved ones. Come join us and learn to strengthen your undiscovered natural psychic abilities! Self healing is very important to our class, as we will have Reiki master onsite for energy healing as needed🙏.. 


Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church has a very unique powerful approach to psychic development.    Struggling with life and your spiritual development.  Looking for a better more rapid accurate approach to getting your spiritual development .  Let Tony The Healing Medium with Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church be your guide. more in

I Can Be, Do and Have Anything!

(With help from the School of Universal Core Healing)

What do you think when you hear this? Most of us start thinking Yeah Right?! We start analyzing everything in our mind.  All the reasons it is not true. That it is just B.S. What is it that makes us feel this way? Is it because of past experiences that we are basing the future on? Beliefs that other people have instilled on us? Is it that we have just given in to what we think is “reality”? What if I told you it is possible? That it can be the “Real Thing”?

Your vibrational frequency is your state of being. Your signature frequency is a combination of your thoughts, emotions (feelings) and physiology. The waves that are created from these three things, combine to form a standing wave that pulses and radiates your vibration and matches it with similar vibrations. This creates your reality.

Re-Claim and Rewire Your Mind. Don’t let the past rule the present or the future. You can be, do or have anything. It is important to clear the blocks of past experiences from your mind and body. What happens if a stream is flowing freely and you put a big rock right in the middle of the stream? The water is then blocked and has to go around the rock, correct?  Energy needs to flow freely and precisely, this cannot happen if we have not released the blocks. Just forgiving and forgetting, although important, is not enough.

Come join Tony the Healing Medium and his students. Inspire a desire and feel soothed in the enlightenment of change. Envision the happier successful model of yourself, to be, do, have what you currently desire. Become one of the powerful action takers.

Where is your Life Going? Psychic development for personal and professional growth!

Spiritual Healing and Revealing with Tony The Healing Medium

Where is your Life Going? Psychic development for personal and professional growth!

Let the School of Universal Core Healing, be your Guide. I use to ask myself this question, as I’m sure we all do.
So what is the answer?
I will start by saying, we have eight very important major areas in our lives.
They all need to have balance in order for our lives to operate correctly.
But first we need to get rid of the “junk” that is in the way.
If you were going to paint a room, you would have to clean everything out, right?
Well, our internal lives need the same thing.
Most of us have no idea where to start, Right?
Well, we have an energy system in our body. It gives us access to the divine energy that connects us all.
We can unlock our energy centers, and purge all the “junk” from our minds, body and soul.
Once this is done, it will enhance your health, relationships and personal development.

When we choose consciously to embark upon this journey, the companions to our soul will begin to reveal themselves and share the critical wisdom they hold for us. From soulmate contracts with human friends (or foes) to contracts with angels, realized beings, the natural world, and more, Tony the healing medium, will unveil the surprising pairings that may be waiting to spark your spiritual development and personal evolution.

What are you waiting for? Let Tony the healing medium, help you on this journey.  learn more become psychic

Remember, we all need to take that first step….
by Melody LeMesurier Artist/Psychic

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Spiritualist Church in San Marcos-Vista-Escondido-Santee-Oceanside-Carlsbad-Encinitas-Del Mar

Psychic training thru spiritual healing

Spiritualist Churches are every where!  But this church is the Real Deal with Tony The Healing Medium.  Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church And Universal Core Healing .  And releasing karmic imprints.  So what do I mean? Pastor Tony Gomez is the founder of Universal Core Healing and leads Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church (Metaphysical) North San Diego County

Karmic imprints.  Gotta love those karmic imprints!  So here we go into the nitty gritty of psychic spiritual development.  This is the most important piece of information in your lifetime that you must understand thoroughly.  As these karmic imprints create and manifest your life subconsciously.  So what are karmic imprints?  Before you continue reading this book, you must read the following.  Here it is in a nut shell.

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Our Psychic Development Classes in Anaheim Breaks Up Your Day to Day Routine Energizing your life!

Psychic Development Breaks Up Your Day to Day Routine

Are you tired of the day to day routine? Work, home, work, home. Not much else. Movie once in a while. Maybe it’s time to try something a little different. It may be a good time to try a Psychic Development Classes in Anaheim.  Come find out how to improve you life! Learn how to manifest the life you desire.  Learn about any blocks holding you back from fullfilling your life journey.   Come find out what is your Journey? What are your lessons plan in this life time.  And learn how to go thru them quickly. So you can move rapidly into the life you desire!

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World’s most Accurate Medium in right here in California giving psychic development classes!

One of the World’s most Accurate Psychic Medium in right here in Orange County Ca.   Tony the Healing Medium can be found giving his brand of psychic development classes in orange county.   Tony has been time tested to be one of the world’s most spot on powerful mediums of our time.  His psychic mediumship classes are so powerful and transformational.  That he is one of the most sought after psychic development guru.

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Psychic Development Classes-Orange County-San Diego-Lake Elsinore

In psychic development meditation and technique is not enough.   You can meditate and study for many years.   And you still will be on and off most of the time.  In order to obtain you ability rapidly, accurately and powerfully.  You must first find someone a no nonsense teacher that is the real deal and  meets that requirement.  That will not be easy but it will well worth the effort.

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Break the Cycle and Manifest the Life of Your Dreams Through Core Healing

What is Core Healing?

To understand the gravity of it one must be able to understand that  “To be Psychic is to be a Healer”…How is that? Imagine how easy life would be if you knew exactly what needed to be healed and why.

We all experience situations that mold and shape us into who we ‘think’ we are today. These little quirks, hang ups, addictions, triggers, personality problems, etc… are acquired from unresolved trapped feelings (often from childhood) that still need to be acknowledged, felt, and released.

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