Samadhi Sundays! Lecture and Trance Meditation. Live Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self! In Lake Elsinore Ca

Psychic training thru spiritual healing

 “Samadhi Sundays” Group Meditation with Tony The Healing Medium.  In Lake Elsinore Ca.  Samadhi brings you closer to your higher self.  Your psychic self!  Live heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!

  Come join us! Meet like people that enjoy meditation.  Psychics, Mediums, and Energy Healers etc. This is a free event!  Increase you intuition!  Go beyond! Just meditation.   Go thru the portal into an altered state of mind.  Samadhi  Meditation  and transmission.  FREEDOM NEW AGE SPIRITUALIST CENTER is host to  Psychic  Clairvoyance development with Tony The Healing Medium. The fastest road to self realization, enlightenment and much more.  Psychic clairvoyance  training is a life skill for your personal, professional and spiritual growth system.  Psychic-clairvoyance- intuition-mediumship-reiki development classes and much more! Read More