Spiritualism thru Healing and Revealing your Energy Blocks

Spiritualism and Spirituality comes together with Universal Core Healing.  Tired of healing that don’t really work?  Disease or reocurring negative life patterns are the  manifestations of Karmic Imprints inside your life theme.  True permanent healing comes from locating, identifying, and working thru the Truth.  The truth in Universal Core Healing is called Karmic Imprints.  Here is a littel more on how spiritualism works with Universal Core Healing.  Attaining a degree of Super Consciousness is the first step in Healing.  Universal Core Healing delivers a powerful one of a kind Energy Transfer! Delivered by Tony The Healing Medium.  Founder of Universal Core Healing

World’s Most Poweful Energy Transfer!!


Universal Core Healing will teach you how to identify the power source manifesting every disease and negative reoccurring life patterns in your life and the lives of others, without any exemptions. These power sources are energy implants.  Energy implant is a Karmic Imprint located in your bio plasmic energy body and every human being has them. Your personal power, good or bad is power sourced from these energy implants. We have hundreds if not thousands of them. These energy implants hold a vibrational tonal scale that raise or lower your vibration manifesting your life.  Changing you life or raising your vibration requires you to identify and locate the source of the power that is manifesting your vibrations. In simple terms, it means you identify and locate the truth to why you have this disease, negative reoccurring life patterns, abundance issues, relationship issues etc or simply put, bad karma in your life