Spiritualism and Universal Core Healing

Universal Core Healing is Spiritualism at it”s Optimal training.   Universal Core Healing will teach you how to identify the power source manifesting every disease and negative reoccurring life patterns in your life and the lives of others, without any exemptions. These power sources are energy implants.  Energy implant is a Karmic Imprint located in your bio plasmic energy body and every human being has them. Your personal power, good or bad is power sourced from these energy implants. We have hundreds if not thousands of them. These energy implants hold a vibrational tonal scale that raise or lower your vibration manifesting your life.  Changing you life or raising your vibration requires you to identify and locate the source of the power that is manifesting your vibrations. In simple terms, it means you identify and locate the truth to why you have this disease, negative reoccurring life patterns, abundance issues, relationship issues etc or simply put, bad karma in your life.  Spirituaism is the starting point of Universal Core Healing.  Where it leads to is Super Consciousness!!

Healing and Revealing Your Life thru Awakening Your Super Consciousness!  

Universal Core Healing is a Tutelage that paves the pathway to Achieving and Attaining Super Consciousness!    A way of learning, healing and activating the Super Conscious Mind.   It”s fundamental method of operation accurately identifies, and locates the root cause to why disease and bad karma has manifested in our lives.  This means we to go beyond the energy body into our life theme.  Our Karma. Most if not all so called energy healers operate from the method of operation of finding the congested area in your bio plasmic energy body by scanning your body for energy blocks with their hands.  Most will find an unbalanced chakra or feel pings and pongs over the congested areas with their palm when scanning the energy body with their hands.   These are all symptoms of a karmic imprint active in your celestial body. Universal Core Healing not only goes to the energy body, but beyond it.   Universal Core Healing goes into your karma inside your life theme to identify your very own specific karmic imprints in your life!  Karmic Imprints that are embedded in your energy body are the Root Cause of Negative recurring life patterns, and disease.

Secret Meditations only taught at School of Universal Core Healing  

Activating You Super Consciousness


In Universal Core Healing no permanent healing occurs until first the karmic imprint is found and identified.  Where is it in the celestial body?  Where did it come from.  How big is it.  What color is it.  When the answers are found to these questions we can take the next step in identifying the specified purpose of the karmic imprint in your life!  In most people’s lives the karma or karmic imprint is never identified in great specific details.  So most people have to reincarnate and do redos of their previous lives karma.   Meaning reincarnate into another life with the same life theme.

Here is an article written by Tony The Healing Medium about understanding how healing works.

Why Shit Happens in your life! (karmic imprints)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Metaphysical Meaning

While conventional doctors and medicine may bring relief to physical, medical and mental conditions through courses of, prescription pills, treatment, therapy and surgery, they are merely dealing with the manifested symptoms and not the “ROOT CAUSE” of the problem.  Negative recurring life patterns and disease are results from karmic imprints that have gone unresolved and active in our subconscious mind.  They go from the subconscious mind to our chakra system.   When the “karmic imprints” are not appropriately dealt with and resolved, it will simply return time and again from one life to the next.

Only through Spiritual realization, meaning getting in touch with its profound insights and not your human mind into the true cause of suffering,  diseases and negative manifestations in your life can bring it to a resolve, completion, and release. Through the application of Dharma practice which meets cosmic law, or simply identifying in full details what the karmic imprint is all about.   Will bring harmony to chaos and pacification to conflict. There is no single phenomenon in the world that does not come with its own means to liberation. If it is there, then God has a way to liberate it. If approached with the right understanding, even the most challenging condition can become the means of liberation itself – this is the method of Spiritual Medicine. Every Holy book speaks the Truth will set you Free!

Problem nowadays is of false or wrong information. A well- developed Psychic, Medium, Spiritualist, True Energy or Spiritual Healer has to become fully developed  and become super conscious to instantly channel the “Root Cause” of any negative manifestation accurately and precisely. This means full details of the “Root Cause” While this may offend some energy healers, psychic, mediums, spiritualist, energy healers etc. that are not there yet in their development, this serves as a point of encouragement that finding the root cause is very ascertainable. There are many energy healers channeling some degree of energy to their clients but without knowing the “Root Cause”. It is sometimes or mostly fruitless.  The so called energy healer must have gone beyond the psychic, medium and energy healer stage in their development and attain super consciousness in order to do this.