Spiritual Energy Healing and Why people don’t heal!

Universal Core Healing

Spiritual Energy Healing and Why people don’t heal!

First you must learn what the word ignorance means.
  1. lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
    synonyms: unenlightenedunscholarlyunqualifiedbenightedbackward;


1-Most but not all humans have been so subconsciously programed to have drama in their lives and that is all they know about life.  They are ignorant that life holds more than the human ego wants them to know.

2-Lazy humans looking for a quick and fast fix.  Like a commercial advertising that produces a  get rich scheme.  That does not work and just wants your money or like an ad that reads lose 20lbs for $9.99.  A lot of our metaphysical community is like this.  “Come to healing circle tonight and receive a healing.”  I truth they are not really healing only receiving an energy transmission.  They are ignorant of the fact that life is engineered by cosmic laws that do not allow healing to happen until they meet cosmic laws. These quick fix people are not committed to doing the work necessary to heal themselves.  Until they understand cosmic laws and how they are engineered, they will never heal permanently.

3-The human condition does not accept anything but their ego thoughts and feelings.  They are ignorant that most of the thoughts and feelings are coming from their ego, their human brain.  They are ignorant of the better feelings and knowledge that the super consciousness has to offer.

4-I once did a reading for a woman that thought her husband was molesting her daughter.  In the reading I saw the women being gang raped at 16 years old.  She confirmed it.  She never healed it or sought help for it.  She downloaded it to her daughter sub consciously without ever being aware of it.   It was generational karmic imprint given to her daughter.   I saw her daughters molestation it happened in a school yard from a kid not her husband as she thought.  It left her daughter with the same core feeling that mom had.  “Not having any control over her life” The woman was ignorant of the karmic being handed down to her daughter subconsciously thought out the years.

4-Humans are ignorant to the fact that their own personal karmic imprints are handed down from one generation to another.  I once had a doctor that told me she liked the teachings but her time with her newborn was more important.  She was ignorant that this would just continue the generational curse of downloading her personal karmic imprints into her newborn baby creating havoc in that baby’s life when it gets older.  In ignorance she was declaring to the universe that her baby was not important enough for her to clear herself out and heal for her baby sake.  The downloading of her personal karmic imprints into her baby will continue into Her newborn’s life and how the baby’s life turns out was not her main concerned.  This is the vibration she put into the vibrational universe for her baby.

5-Humans have decades of karmic imprints inside of their life theme.  Most literally are looking to heal their whole entire life in just one class.  Out of ignorance their don’t understand that they literally have hundreds  of karmic imprints that need to be uncovered and identified before any healing can take place. This will take about a year or more.

5-ADD-Bipolar and other mental illnesses caused by the human ego will be obstacles to overcome, but not impossible.  These mental illnesses are spin off of the karmic imprints being active for too long.  Many humans have healed thru spiritual awakenings.  More than big Pharma wants you to know about.

6- The human ego will always bring thoughts and feelings that keep you under its control. It will create false narratives that are not real!  Like I don’t have the time, money etc.  Humans believe their ego out of ignorance!

7-The number one law for spiritual healing is humbleness and gratitude.   If you don’t have that, the universal will not work for you and you will never heal.  That is cause and effect.  You will continue to suffer until you humble yourself.  That is the reason for suffering to bring you to humbleness.  So why not just get humble and skip the future suffering.  Most people don’t become humble out of ignorance.

8-Lookiloos coming from other classes looking to take what they can, usually they are not healed and come in with spirit possessions. They definitely are not humble or in gratitude.  These humans will be lookiloos and takers for life.  Until they learn cosmic laws. 98% of the people claiming to be healed don’t really know what needs to be healed.   Just because someone gives you energy transmission doesn’t mean you are healed.  Ignorance is to blame.  Most if not all believe one healing is a fix all healing. Most will never ever learn about cosmic laws or how their life has been engineered through their own personal karmic imprints.  Most lookiloos accumulate and believe a certificate will give them the spiritual power they seek out of their own human ignorance.

10-Humans with big egos that believe by healing one karmic imprint in their lives.  That they are forever healed and that their life’s will change with the universal working for them with just one karmic imprint brought to a closure.  Usually this is done out of the human ego and ignorance.

11-Human ego and ignorance will stop them from seeing the truth.  Most humans will not accept the karmic imprints core feeling when it is delivered to them.  They will modify to fit their human thinking.  Their ego.  Not realizing that the human thinking and ego was what created the problem in the first place.  Trying to solve a problem with the same thought process that it is rooted in is ignorance.  All problems must be solved with the human thought process removed and the super conscious mind active and in charge.

12-Most humans will not understand why they just can’t pay someone to heal them and be healed for life.  This is the human thought process of instant gratification.  It does not work in energy or spiritual healing.  It is a false narrative created out of human ignorance.  Many humans have lived with their karmic imprints for many decades.  It will not be cleared out or released in a heartbeat.  Most spiritual healing sessions will demand a hypnotic life regression and energy clearing that will have to be repeated multiple times to get all the energy that is holding the karmic imprint program active and in place.  It will also demand the client full cooperation.  And the client must be in humbleness and gratitude or it will not work!  That is comic law!

13-Receiving or attaining Super Consciousness cannot be bought in any way!  It demands you do the inner work to remove the human experiences that no longer serves you.  Attaining Super Consciousness requires meeting cosmic laws. You don’t get to choose which cosmic laws you will follow.