Spiritual Healing thru Spiritual Awakening with Tony The Healing Medium

Universal Core Healing and how our class works. Universal Core Healing incorporates Spiritual Healing with Psychic Development together. Our concept is simple we identify with the Super Conscious mind and not he human mind what needs healing. We heal what needs healing in our life as we move forward developing into our super consciousness.

Universal Core Healing Practitioners are fully developed accurate spiritual mediums and energy healers who are able to specifically find the “Root Cause” to any disease or negative manifestation in your life. You, as the client, will then know, in detail, exactly why the issue manifested into your life, where it originated from, why it is in your life “it’s purpose”, and what needs to be done to resolve, remove and heal it permanently out of your life..

This is all done through means of spirituality, that are as precise as mathematics. Our Karmic Imprints (spirit energy) are what create and manifest good and bad life manifestations. We actually create our lives through these Karmic Imprints subconsciously without ever being aware of them. The negative manifestations are what we heal and remove, leaving the positive Karmic imprints alone.

Tired of struggling?
Tired of not knowing why negative life patterns recycle in your life over and over again? 
Tired of living in fear?
Received energy healing with little or no permanent healing? 
If your answer is Yes! Then Stop living your life blindly! Real and Permanent Healing starts with finding out why you have manifested the life you have!

  1. Learn to heal yourself and others
  2. Learn Universal Core Healing Modality (energy medicine)
  3. Learn how to see auras and bioplasmic energy fields
  4. Learn how to scan the body and see, feel and identify with pinpoint accuracy energy blocks (karmic imprints) inside the celestial body and the souls life theme.
  5. Learn secret meditations and techniques to harness electromagnetic energy and increase your energy flow. Increase you input and output.
  6. Learn Reiki Healing and many more Healing modalities and techniques
  7. Learn and discover your psychic, mediumship abilities from one the World’s Most Accurate Mediums
  8. Learn Remote Viewing
  9. Learn how to Channel
  10. Learn go into Trance Meditation
  11. Learn how to use Universal Core Healing to gain what you truly desire
  12. Learn how to induce an out of body experience
  13. Learn how to step into your highest path and deepen your spiritual connection
  14. Experience past life regressions
  15. Experience Higher Consciousness
  16. Learn to Heal your past present and future
  17. Learn to see your future accurately using your super conscious
  18. Learn psychic development, mediumship development and energy healing.  Then move into Super Consciousness development!




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