Universal Core Healing is a Tutelage we will teach you how to identify the power source manifesting every disease and negative recurring life patterns in your life and the lives of others, without any exemptions. These power sources re energy implants. A Energy implant is a Karmic Imprint located in your bio plasmic energy body and every human being has them. Karmic imprints are part of your life theme!  Your personal power, good or bad is power sourced from these karmic imprints. We have hundreds if not thousands of them. These karmic imprints  hold a vibrational tonal scale that raise or lower your vibration manifesting your life.  Changing you life or raising your vibration will requires you to identify and locate the power source that is manifesting your vibrations. In simple terms, it means you identify and locate the truth to why you have this disease, negative reoccurring life patterns, abundance issues, relationship issues etc or simply put, bad karma in your life.

Online Classes Only Now!  Classes are $25 per class.   Prepayment of 6 Live Zoom classes required to start your training.  Click on the link below.    6 videos will be emailed to you to prep you for our Live Zoom Classes.  See link at the bottom of the page!!!!!!!

We heal our lives by not trying to solve the problem using the human mind.   The human mind created the problem and the human mind will keep recycling it over and over again. You’ve all heard the term think outside the box. In this case we have to activate, attain and learn how to function with The Super Conscious Mind”.   Universal Core Healing will give you Super Consciousness.  This will give you the the right answers you need.  Not want your  ego wants, but the truth! Knowing the absolute truth to why a negative  manifestions have occured is the  step in the healing process!
Attaining Super Consciousness is the essence of Universal Core Healing!
1: transcending human consciousness. 2 : of, relating to, or possessing the highest consciousness or a margin of consciousness above that within the ordinary range of human attention —3: transcending into the highest possible vibrational scale possible while in the human body. 4: In contact and receiving energy and information from other forms of existence that operate and exist in higher forms of evolution.  The ability to receive the absolute truth about anything without any exceptions.

You will Learn how heal yourself through our Healing and Revealing Process. Here are just a few spiritual gifts your will be taught how to attain.

  1. Learn how to Awaken to YOUR SUPER CONSCIOUS SELF!
  2. Learn secret meditations and techniques to harness electromagnetic energy and increase your energy flow. Increase you input and output.
  3. Learn Reiki Healing and many more Healing modalities and techniques
  4. Learn and discover your psychic, mediumship abilities from one the World’s Most Accurate Mediums
  5. Learn Remote Viewing
  6. Learn how to Channel
  7. Learn go into Trance Meditation
  8. Learn how to use Universal Core Healing to gain what you truly desire
  9. Learn how to induce an out of body experience

Universal Core Healing will take you 6-8 months to comprehend.  You will not be a Universal Core Healing practitioner in 6 classes.

What we need from a new student.

Let go of your ego!  Let go of all the past training it will hinder you in this class.  If you cannot let go of what you have learned in the past, this class would not be for you. Universal Core Healing is like no other class.  It will go against some of the teaching of Metaphysical Community. If your ego is too strong, then this is not the class for you.  We only accept students dedicated to their long-term spiritual development.

.1-Having an open mind and heart are required.  It has been our experience that preconceived ideas about Spiritual Healing Energy and Psychic Clairvoyance  development will hinder your progress, so please leave them at the door.  This training  goes beyond what most believe to be “ Spiritual Energy Healing  and  Psychic Development”.  This group is a tutelage, which means you will be required to be committed and dedicated to this training and organization. Tony will be teaching, instructing and giving you the guidance required to engulf all aspects of spirituality. If you are a practicing psychic, medium, healer etc, please leave what you’ve been taught and the ego at the door!  This training will contradict what you been taught by others!

2-Sensitive information will be revealed about yourself and others.  No matter how sensitive the information given is you must be honest about it.  No information will ever go outside our classes. Students are required to be an “Open Book”. In the world of spirituality there are no secrets, there are no skeletons kept hidden in the closet. What is discussed in class, stays in the class. No information will be shared outside of this organization without your consent. (You may be asked for a video interview, video footage may be shared on social media)

3-Please note-To fully understand the concept of Universal Core Healing will take a minimum One Year and beyond. Healing and readings are done when only when the student is ready. 

4-This class is a process in spiritual development, Cleansing, purification & readings etc. are done only when a student is ready. You must surrender in Humility and Gratitude and commit to your inner development by doing “The Inner Work” necessary.  Dedication to your inner healing is of the upmost importance.

5.  This is a Pro Black Lives Matter Organization. 

6.  No Ignorant racist trump supporters allowed.

7.  If you are neutral to Trump.   This is not the class for you.  We reserve the right to refuse anybody for any reason into our class.

Most people will wonder thru life without ever knowing why negative events and manifestations occur in their particular life. Wondering and suffering is an option! But here is a better one. Universal Core Healing will finds the root cause of disease and negative life patterns, events and manifestations in your life in specific details. It locates and identifies the “energy blocks” in your bioplasmic energy body. And inside our life theme. “Your karma”. It will identify your life theme and it’s karmic imprints.  This will Allow you to fully comprehend how your life has been created and why your energy blocks are in your life. First step in healing your life is knowing exactly what needs healing and why! Universal Core Healing Practitioners are fully developed accurate spiritual mediums and energy healers who are able to specifically find the “Root Cause” to any disease or negative manifestation in your life. You will then know, in detail, exactly why the issue manifested into your life, where it originated from, why it is in your life “it’s purpose”, and what needs to be done to resolve, remove and heal it permanently out of your life..

Becoming true to yourself and living in your integrity takes a lot of reconditioning and shifting of your beliefs.

We have suffered lifetimes of emotional abuse and negative conditioning which has suppressed their true identity.

This has caused: *Dysfunctional relationships *health issues *Lack of self-worth *Financial hardship *Suppression of talent, creativity, leadership, and healing.

When you analyse your life, you’ll discover the worst times in your life are based on betrayals in relationships involving physical, spiritual and emotional trauma or abuse. You may have thought you knew the person but it turned out you didn’t. There could have been other incidents such as a bad accident.

After assisting tens of thousands of clients, I believe there’s no such thing as an accident… Here are some examples that may indicate the presence of negative energy in your life:

  • Negative Thoughts: You feel negative and paranoid about yourself and others.
  • No Progression: Blocks in your relationships, health, and finances.
  • Looming Dark Clouds: Dark clouds hanging over you that produce bouts of bad luck.
  • Chronic Fatigue: You lack focus, clarity and experience tiredness and exhaustion.
  • Intense Anger: Certain people come to your mind and you feel anger towards them.
  • Strange People: You seem to constantly attract strange and angry people.
  • Low Self Confidence: You suffer low self-confidence and low self-esteem.
  • Medical Conditions: Unexplained short-term, medical conditions.
  • Unresolved Negativity: You have unresolved negativity and resentment with others.
  • Extreme Guilt: You feel guilty around others and feel responsible for their problems.
  • Sharp or Dull Pain: You experience sharp pain
  • Addictions: You develop addictions to drugs, foods, alcohol, cigarettes etc.