Psychic Development Classes in Lake Elsinore-Corona-Temecula-Oceanside

Psychic Mediumship Development classes  in Lake Elsinore.  Have many avenues.  Which one is best for you? What does it mean to be a psychic or medium?  The term psychic is usually generic term for most spiritual light workers.  A catch all phrase.  We know that we have five senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell that science absolutely confirms.

But we have another sense, known as the sixth sense.  That is equally real as the other five.  However, is more powerful once fully develop.  The sixth sense is referred to as psychic abilities, or our intuition.  It’s the gut feeling, or hunch you have that you can not logically explain.  Psychics cannot see dead people (spirit people). Mediums do because they have  clairvoyance skills. Everyone has the potential to be a medium.

To be a medium, a psychic has to fine tune his or hers extra sensory perception to a higher degree.  So that they can interface with the spirits of other dimensions.  They are able to feel, know & hear. They can hear thoughts, voices, and or get mental impressions from the spirit world.  A medium is more receptive to higher frequencies and energies on which spirits and avatars vibrate to.  Mediumship is much more involved than just using psychic abilities, because mediums open themselves to a discarnate energies in spirit.