Psychic development And Creating the life you desire! With Your Energy!

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Be the Best YOU That You Can Be!                                                                      With assistance from The School of Universal Core Healing

“The greedy one gathered all the cherries while the simple one tasted all the cherries in just one”. Mark Nepo

How aligned with your life are you? I have found I am all over the place. I want to see, do and experience everything. Is this being greedy or selfish? When I heard Mark Nepo’s statement it made me stop and think about what this actually means?! I am learning to stop myself and re-evaluate my direction.

 We must believe our Abilities are Endless. I’m using my past experiences of life to determine what I believe can happen now. Which is not true.” What is possible and not possible is natures business, a higher power, not mine. What I want must be well manifested in my mind. It must be clear and create a steady stream of belief, focus and faith.

How often do we go through our day without focus, without set goals and plans for the day? Or week, month, even years? Of course, we will have our work hours, if we are employed, or appointments and such. But what about the other hours of the day. I sometimes find myself transfixed with time consuming activities that are none productive. Yes, I agree we sometimes need time for that, just not continually wasting valuable time that should be used for family time, being a productive part of society, for the betterment of life on earth, for the world as a whole.

My mind, my emotions, my body and my energy must be aligned, all in one direction. This will bring me the power to create what I want. Transforming myself from being just a piece of creation into being a creator.  I create my reality. My vibration of energy. The ability to create and manifest what I want in the world; joyful, loving, peaceful, with pleasantness within and pleasantness around me. This is remarkable even phenomenal!

Come join Tony the Healing Medium and his students. Align your energy and learn focus, direction and clarity. We all have to start sometime, why not make it now? more info