How to develop your Psychic Abilities in San Marcos-Temecula-Anaheim-Lake Elsinore

How do development your Psychic abilities.  Psychic development training/workshop/classes  are everywhere.  There are many psychic out there claiming to be able to do one thing or another.  Here at the School of Universal Core Healing we approach psychic clairvoyance training as a means to heal and rejuvenate your existence here in life.   Live Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self is our mission statement when entering into psychic clairvoyance development with Tony The Healing Medium.


When you understand that everything created begins with energy, you can take charge of what you are adding to a situation by analysing your own internal pain and suffering that hasn’t been resolved.

The pain and suffering of your past is carried inside you. Even though your intention isn’t to create more pain and suffering for others or yourself, until you heal, you will continue to be part of the creation process of suffering.

This concept is a Universal Core Healing – like attracts like. I often notice that the people who feel compelled to help others are really avoiding their own inner pain and suffering. If they continue to search outside of themselves, trying to heal others, they will continue to be part of the problem until their own inner pain and conflicts are addressed.

Some people become warriors for others who have been victimized. When they “fight” for a cause, they cause resistance, which then creates more of what they don’t want. When you look more deeply at why a person has so much passion for something, it is because they are “fighting” for themselves, especially when nobody protected or saved them when they were in need. This, again, continues a cycle of focusing energy on an unwanted creation. This is a cycle that continues to attract and create victims for others to save.

Whatever exists inside you, is created outside of you – It’s a Cosmic Law.

The Verdict
Healing sessions give me the advantage of reading a person’s energy field to show me the exact reasons for their conditions. The longer I spend time analysing the reasons why conditions and situations are created, the more true the theory of changing yourself inwardly will change your life outwardly.

This law has always proven to be true. The difficult part is knowing what is in your energy field so you can heal and remove it. When you commit to a journey of spiritually connecting and healing, the more you will learn about yourself. This will give you the insights and the answers you have been looking for, or should have been looking for, if you want real inner peace and a humane world.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. more info

Psychic Development with School Of Universal Core Healing are held in San Marcos-Temecula-Anaheim-Lake Elsinore-Orange County-Los Angeles