Karma is a real thing

Karma is a real thing

Karma is a real thing with Tony The Healing Medium

Universal Core Healing and How It WorksOur concept is simple we identify, heal what needs healing in our life as we move forward developing our super consciousness. 

Universal Core Healing is a spiritual energy healing modality.  Its fundamental method of operation finds the root cause to why disease and bad karma has manifested in our lives.  This means we need to go beyond the energy body into our life theme.   Most if not all so called energy healers operate from the method of operation of finding the congested area in your bio plasmic energy body by scanning your body for energy blocks with their hands.  Most will find an unbalanced chakra or feel pings and pongs over the congested areas with their palm when scanning the energy body with their hands.   These are all symptoms of a karmic imprint active in your celestial body. Universal Core Healing not only goes to the energy body, but beyond it.   Universal Core Healing goes into your karma your life theme to identify your very own specific karmic imprints in your life!  Karma is a real thing and it needs to be found.

Karmic imprints are located inside our celestial body?  A karmic imprint is inside your karma.  Yes your karma.  Karma is a real thing.  It is more real than your human ego wants you to know.  Karma is why we decided to incarnate into this planet and be manifested into a human body.  The whole planet is set up so we can live out our karma.  Let me explain a little more deeply.

In the afterlife before you were born into a human baby.  You were a soul full of energy that God created and loved and you wanted to expand and grow so you can be more like the creator.  The best way to do this was to learn more about yourself by experiencing yourself literally into a human body.  Giving you the illusion of being human.  In this manner you will learn first hand about yourself and your capabilities.  Learning about your capabilities doesn’t come without energy blocks.  These energy blocks were chosen by us from the afterlife before we incarnated into this life.  We hand picked these very specific energy blocks to challenge our soul.  The purpose of these energy blocks is to teach us how to overcome them.  In essence finding, locating and releasing our karmic imprints teaches us about our soul, who we are, where we come from and our life purpose in this incarnation.

In Universal Core Healing no permanent healing occurs until first the karmic imprint is found and identified.  Where is it in the celestial body?  Where did it come from.  How big is it.  What color is it.  When the answers are found to these questions we can take the next step in identifying the specified purpose of the karmic imprint in your life!  In most people’s lives the karma or karmic imprint is never identified in great specific details.  So most people have to reincarnate and do redos of their previous lives.  Meaning reincarnate into another life with the same life theme.  Here is an example.  Let’s say you were a trophy wife in the 1800 hundreds.  Married to a well to do husband.  And you had a passion for educating yourself.  You enjoyed reading and learning.  But your husband took away your books and prohibited you from receiving higher education and kept you home bound under lock and key, you died that way never reaching your heart’s desire of higher education.

Well in this incarnation in a more modern era, you incarnated with this innate desire for higher education.  You were born with the desire of getting a PhD from an accredited university.  Why, because you were kept from higher education in your previous incarnation. It now continues into this one.  You married a husband that feels threaten by your academic gains.  As he only holds a high school diploma.  There is struggle between you two over you getting a PhD.  He objects to it because he feels threatened by it.  He feels you will leave him once you obtain you PhD.

See the similarities in both incarnations?  Your energy blocks follow you from one lifetime to another until you release and overcome them.  That is the way God engineered it.  It’s cosmic law.  Now healing doesn’t have to take a lifetime.  But it will take you 3-8 months to comprehend Universal Core Healing.  You will need to fully understand, comprehend and go beyond the psychic, spiritualist mind into the Super Conscious mind to fully heal permanently!  For the rest of your life!

Here is an article written by Tony The Healing Medium about understanding how healing works.

Why Shit Happens in your life! (karmic imprints)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Metaphysical Meaning

Have you ever asked yourself why does this keep happening to me? Why do I keep getting the same results over and over in my life? Like the same end results in every relationship etc. Why do I feel this way about myself? Why do I keep getting negative results in my life? Why can’t I be happy? Why am I not able to accomplish my life’s desires? Whether it’s a negative situation that keeps bringing back reoccurring negative feelings in your life, or a physical disease manifesting in your life, the answer is karmic imprints. These karmic imprints are the reasons we incarnated in the first place to this world. Karmic imprints are basically the deep core feeling embeded subconsciously into our life theme.   Experiences we wanted to manifest while in the human form in this incarnation. We hand-picked it ourselves our very own specific karma that we wanted to experience through our very own sub conscious deep core feelings, through the manifested experiences of our life. Let me explain a little more.

While conventional doctors and medicine may bring relief to physical medical and mental conditions through courses of, prescription pills, treatment, therapy and surgery, they are merely dealing with the manifested symptoms and not the “ROOT CAUSE” of the problem, which results from karmic imprints that are unresolved active trapped feelings in our subconscious and in our chakra systems.   Activated by our subconscious mind drawing in ripened karmic imprints. When the “Root Causes” are not appropriately dealt with and resolved, it will simply return time and again from one life to the next. Karmic imprints will keep manifesting life experiences that will always keep bringing you back to your trapped sub conscious hidden feelings. That is their purpose! Their Job! That’s why you incarnated in the first place to experience these chosen hidden sub conscious core feelings. This is the law of attraction in a nutshell!  It is in your life theme.  Completely understanding this knowledge will not only enable you to move through life more accurately so you can accomplish your life’s desires, but it will also bring out the psychic in you more rapidly and accurately.

Only through Spiritual realization, meaning getting in touch with its profound insights and not your human mind into the true cause of suffering,  diseases and negative manifestations in your life can bring it to a resolve, completion, and release. Through the application of Dharma practice which meets cosmic law, or simply identifying  and fulfilling your karmic imprints hidden in your sub conscious mind will bring harmony to chaos and pacification to conflict. There is no single phenomenon in the world that does not come with its own means to liberation. If it is there, then God has a way to liberate it. If approached with the right understanding, then even the most challenging condition can become the means of liberation itself – this is the method of Spiritual Medicine. Every Holy book speaks the Truth will set you Free!

Problem nowadays is of false or wrong information. A well- developed Psychic, Medium, Spiritualist, True Energy or Spiritual Healer has to become fully developed  and become super conscious to instantly channel the “Root Cause” of any negative manifestation accurately and precisely. This means full details of the “Root Cause” While this may offend some energy healers, psychic, mediums, spiritualist, energy healers etc. that are not there yet in their development, this serves as a point of encouragement that finding the root cause is very ascertainable. There are many energy healers channeling some degree of energy to their clients but without knowing the “Root Cause”. It is sometimes or mostly fruitless.  The so called energy healer must have gone beyond the psychic, medium and energy healer stage in their development and attain super consciousness in order to do this.

The “Root Cause” needs to be found!! And given in detail, so that the receiver (client) can VALIDATE!!!!! It. In this way you can start understanding the root cause of your manifestations in your life, and if you want, do the means of releasing it. True Healers can pin point any “Root Cause” in your journey in details, not generalities. Locating the unbalanced chakra is never enough. The reason why it got unbalanced in the first place is the most important factor. This is the test of a true healer! The key to a good healing is to know exactly what you are healing in detail!

Only through knowing and understanding why negative experiences have manifested in our lives in the first place can we then proceed in healing and removing it permanently out of your life!  In essences you are healing from the roots of the problem.  Like weeds that get pulled out and then give the false impression that they have been removed.  Only to grow back over and over again.  Until the weeds are removed from the roots that grow the weeds in the first place.  By pulling the weeds from the roots it will prevent it’s regrowth.  Just like weeds, our situations, core issues, disease and negative experiences have roots.  In Universal Core Healing they are called “karmic imprints”

In Universal Core Healing practitioners attend classes weekly.   Identifying their karmic imprints inside their life’s theme that is stored inside and hidden in their sub conscious mind activated by their celestial energy body as they attend class.  Our philosophy is very simple.  We heal what needs healing as we move forward going beyond the psychic, mediumship and energy healer mind into super consciousness!