Energy Medicine and Addiction

Energy Medicine for healing addiction. The Real Cause of Addiction is a Dis-Ease about Loneliness.  Cause by a Karmic imprint sometime in your life.  Karmic imprint is the Root Cause of your core issue.  In addiction it is The inner feeling of loneliness.  Buried deep down inside you celestial body.  It’s not about changing our minds. It’s about changing our hearts!

Hello my name is Tony The Healing Medium.  In my 35 years of doing psychic readings and spiritual energy medicine.   I come across many addicts.  In my novice years I  even use to give spiritual readings to drug offenders that where court order go to group counseling.  Almost every reading I did.  I found that the root cause of the addiction was the feeling of loneliness that had gotten buried so deep in their minds that most had forgotten all about it.  And had become numb to feeling it.  Mostly these  spiritual readings discovered  feelings of loneliness in their childhood.  Mostly, but not all from their parents.

When you get hurt and need medical treatment like for a broken leg.  You get given diamorphine the medical name for heroin.  Hospital Heroin is 100% pure not like the street heroin that’s been cut down with different ingredients.   So why is it some people get addicted and some do not that get given this hospital grade heroin.  Why do some people get addicted and some do not.  If the old theory hold true that the body now needs the chemical inside of it.  Should’nt every become addicted.

Answer  Predisposed condition of the feeling of loneliness inside one of your chakras and celestial body.  This is not a medical answer it is a spiritual one.

Now the feeling of loneliness will spiral off a bunch of other different emotions that are grounded in loneliness.  However the karmic imprint of loneliness is the foundation that the other manifestation are built on.  Heal the Karmic Imprint and the healing process begins naturally.