Healing Energy Blocks with Universal Core Healing

What needs to be done and found before you can remove an Energy Block see below
Universal Core Healing is a one of the World’s Most Powerful Spiritual Energy Healing Modality above and beyond all others. It is the Science of pin pointing the “Root Cause” of pain, suffering,negative manifestations and disease. Bringing closure to life’s most difficult and unsolved questions, discovering and Healing “Karmic Imprints” meaning your energy blocks, which are embedded in your celestial bioplasmic energy body and your souls life theme. Tired of Struggling in life? Find out why you struggle! Finding the energy block is the first step in healing and removing it!
These karmic imprints are what creates good and bad experiences in your life. That means what is inside of you creates your life experiences. The bad manifestations are what we concern ourselves with only. The good karmic imprints we leave alone. In actuality we create our own lives through these karmic imprints subconsciously without ever being aware of them. Universal Core Healing, through spiritual energy healing, processes and remedies a host of your bad manifestations.and traumas in your life.
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