Psychic Development and Why Should We Raise our Vibrations Through Attunements

Tony The healing Medium

Why Should We Raise our Vibrations Through Attunements ? Vibrations.  Everything and everyone has a vibration, this is a scientific fact. Metaphysics is all about vibrations. The way to become more psychic, better connected to Spirit is to raise your personal vibrations. The way to do raise your personal vibration is through Love. Yeah, I know, it sounds corny and 60’s – ish, but that does not change the way of things. Love, hate, envy, all emotions like everything else are energy and have a unique vibration. Spirit vibrates at the level of Love.

So, how do we raise our vibration to the level of love? Should be simple, huh. Yeah, well, for some it is. For others it is the beginning of a life long journey to not only forgive others, but to forgive ones self. To find and eliminate the hate, jealousy and negativity in ones life by dealing with them, not buy just ignoring them.

One must find not only whatever negative emotion is holding them back, but to deal with it in a way that eliminates it from ones life completely and fill that space with the energy of Love. In this way, by incorporating the Energy of Love into ones being, a persons personal vibration is raised. Do this enough, and we raise our vibrations high enough so that Guides, Spirit, Asended Masters, loved ones, all of them can meet us half way. They have to lower their vibration to meet ours and that is where the “Magic” happens.

This can take years, as I personally know. Today, however, because of changing times, Spirit has given us a way that does not take years. We still have to do the work, but now it can less time with faster results. Spirit has give a few the gift of being able to give Attunments.

I believe there some people in the world who have been blessed with this gift of being able to help others raise their personal vibration through attunments and by helping them heal the root cause of their energy blocks,  but at the moment, they are few and very far between. They are the first, the teachers who have been given the task of teaching others. Tony Gomez has been blessed with this gift and the daunting task of teaching others to so that they may go out to heal and teach others.

So, why do the attunements? To raise your own personal vibration to support you in whatever you do in life. To bring you more in sync with the changing world and closer to understanding not only others, but yourself.

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