Psychic development and Spiritualism

Psychic development and what is spiritualism.  You may be wondering what this spiritualism stuff all about. Why would I want this in my life? What good will it do me in my everyday existence? How can it really help to make my life and the lives of my loved ones better, happier and more abundant?

Spiritualism is about getting back to who you really are. Before the world told you who you were.

Spiritualism enables you to stop suffering by becoming aware and recognizing the energy patters you may be holding on to. Energy patterns that are stuck inside your energy systems (chakras). These patterns are preventing you from having the life you desire and deserve. Simply put, spiritualism is about the Truth coming out. The Truth setting you free.

Along with setting your mind free for more love and abundance, you gain more access to your higher self. Access that connects to higher and different dimensions of existence. This connection allows you to gain access to all the knowledge about anything you truly desire.

With time and development, all answers are given.

Spiritualism does not stop at doing Psychic or Mediumship readings, it incorporates all aspects of your life. Your work, your friendships, your family, etc. You will be able to heal yourself and others. Work more efficiently and work better with others. It enables you to have more peace of mind and helps you to better enjoy your life. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Benefits are endless and applications are as vast a our universe.

Spiritualism is about Divine Inspiration! Receiving Divine Guidance. Connecting to Divine Love.
So you thought is was only about doing psychic stuff!
It’s about a better, more powerful you!

People don’t need to be saved or rescued, people need knowledge of their own power and how to access it!


Psychic Development Fastest Way to Enlightenment


Written by Reverend Tony Gomez for Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church. All rights reserved.
Edited by Adrienne Paradis.

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