Psychic Development And It’s True Nature of Spiritual Energy Healing

Psychic development as taught by Tony The Healing Medium is the most powerful spiritual class ever!  There are many wonderful shamans, psychics, mediums and energy healers out there. While their intentions are honorable, they sometimes fall short of a true spiritual healing. The reasons are very simple. There are cosmic laws that govern our lives. Many people feel that they can release these energies that no longer serve them without meeting these cosmic laws. Many energy healers simply don’t know there are cosmic laws that need to be met.

While conventional doctors and medicines may bring relief to physical medical and mental conditions through courses of treatment, therapy and surgery, they are merely dealing with the manifested symptoms and not the “ROOT CAUSE” of the problem. Addressing the Root Cause of a condition will result in unresolved, trapped feelings. Some say it’s our subconscious mind drawing in ripened, karmic imprints. Actually, it is unreleased and repressed feelings that needs to be felt all the way down to it’s core. When the “Root Causes” are not appropriately dealt with, these Root Causes will simply return time and again from one life to the next. Only Spiritual Medicine, getting in touch with the profound insight as to the true cause of suffering can remove the “Root Cause” of diseases permanently.

Cosmic Law

Through the application of Dharma (cosmic law) practice, or simply fulfilling your karmic lesson, you can bring harmony to chaos and pacification to conflict. There is no single phenomenon in the world that does not come with its own means to liberation. If it is there, then God has a way to liberate it. If approached with the right understanding, then even the most challenging condition can become the means of liberation itself – this is the method of Spiritual Medicine. Every Holy book states that Truth will set you Free!

The problem nowadays is false or wrong information. A well developed Spiritualist, True Energy Healer or Spiritual Healer has to be developed enough to instantly channel the “Root Cause” of any negative manifestation. This means finding and revealing the full details of the “Root Cause”. This may offend some energy healers who believe they are fully developed, but have not reached this level in their development. This serves as a point of encouragement, that learning how to find the root cause is very attainable. That they can grow more to help their clients better. There are many energy healers channeling some degree of energy to their clients, but without knowing the “Root Cause” of the clients problem, it is often fruitless.

The “Root Cause” needs to be found for a long lasting, permanent healing!!
A healing that you, the receiver (client) can VALIDATE!!!!! Also, you can start understanding the root cause of the manifestation of your distress. And if you wish it, take the steps to release it. True Healers can pin point any “Root Cause” in your journey. This is the test of the true healer! The key to a good healing is to know exactly what you are healing!

by Evidential Medium Tony Gomez


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