What does it take to be a accurate psychic or medium

To be a accurate psychic or medium is to be a healer. You must first learn to heal yourself. Before you can be of service to others.

Their are many paths to this road. Many paths to enlightenment. Many modalities of many cultures. Most people are drawn to costumes, fancy names, and titles.. How this is not the way to spiritual power.

I grew up in a shamanic tutelage of my grandmother. How ever I do not follow the old traditional ways. As I live in the modern world. Not in the jungle. I learn that some of the old ways are no longer needed. That god and spiritual power are all the same. No ritual is needed. No fancy title,or costume is needed. ect..

Spiritual awakening and obtaining it’s gifts can happen is a split of a second anywhere in the world. No cave needed. No holy ground need. All space is holy ground. What is needed from spirit is you meeting the cosmic laws of receiving. A forgotten method. In our modern world. This is the method of a true healer…

by Evidential Medium Tony Gomez


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