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Universal Core Healing with Tony The Healing Medium

Universal Core Healing is a Spiritual Energy Healing Modality also called Energy Medicine. It is the science of how to know and solve life answers to your life’s most difficult questions. It’s based on soul healing of your karmic imprints ” your energy blocks” embeded in your celestial bioplasmic energy body.  It delves deep inside your soul’s life theme to find the Root Cause of Negative Manifestations.  Everyone has  energy blocks, that’s why we incarnate into the human experience,  to experience them so we can learn from it and overcome them.    Universal Core Healing removes the energy blocks from the celestial energy body but also from your souls life theme by finding the root cause to the negative manifestations in your life. Tired of Struggling in life?  Come join us find out why you have the struggle in your life.  Live heal and Awaken!


When using the phrase “root cause” in Universal Core Healing. It’s definition is “The reason  your energy blocks have manifested in your life in the first place”.

Only through knowing and understanding why negative experiences have manifested in our lives in the first place can we then proceed in healing and removing it permanently out of your life!  In other words you are healing from the roots of the problem.  Like weeds that get pulled out and then give the false impression that they have been removed.  Only to grow back over and over again.  Until it gets removed from it’s roots that grow the weeds in the first place.  By pulling the weeds from it’s roots it will prevent it’s regrowth.  Just like weeds, our situations, core issues, disease and negative experiences have roots.  In Universal Core Healing they are called “karmic imprints”

This is the concept of Universal Core Healing.  Most other healing modalities only deal with the manifested problems in people’s lives and not the reason why it manifested in the first place.  Universal Core Healing finds the root cause to all manifested karma, whether disease or bad negative experiences.  Knowing why experiences manifested in the first place is the most important step in permanent healing.

Practitioners can find the”Root Cause” to any disease or bad manifestations in your life. Their clients then know exactly in detail what needs to be healed , where it originated from, and what needs to be done in order to remove it permanently out of your life! This is done by spiritual means, the means that are precise as mathematics, accumulative energies are identified inside your celestial body, energies mostly that you are not consciously aware of.

These energies we call and have doved “karmic imprints”. These karmic imprints are what creates good and bad experiences in your life. That means what is inside of you creates your life experiences. The bad manifestations are what we concern ourselves with only. The good karmic imprints we leave alone. In actuality we create our own lives through these karmic imprints subconsciously without ever being aware of them. Universal Core Healing, through spiritual energy healing processes remedies to a host of bad life manifestations.

Spiritual Healing and Revealing thru Awakening Your Psychic Self with Universal Core Healing.


Daisy  Receive a reading and Healing from Tony The Healing Medium using Universal Core Healing

Jacob receives a Healing from Tony The Healing Medium.  Tony uses Universal Core Healing