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Spiritual Healing and Revealing with Tony The Healing Medium

Tired of Struggling in life? Find out why you struggle? Identifying specifically the root cause of the struggle is the first step in removing it. Learn to clear out your energy blocks and improve your life!  Live Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!

Universal Core Healing- how it works: Introductory class

Universal Core Healing is a spiritual Healing Modality above and beyond all others. It is the Science of pin pointing the “Root Cause” of pain, suffering and disease. Bringing closure to life’s most difficult and unsolved questions. Discovering and Healing “Karmic Imprints” your blocks, which are embedded in your celestial bioplasmic energy body (your Soul).
Spiritual Healing and Revealing thru Awakening Your Psychic Self:
The practitioners at Universal Core Healing are able to psychically find the “Root Cause” to any disease or negative manifestation in your life. You, as the client, will then know, in detail, exactly what the issue is, where it originated, why it is in your life, and what needs to be done to resolve and heal Permanently. This is all done through spirituality, as precisely as mathematics. These Karmic Imprints (spirit energy) are what create good and bad life experiences. We actually create our lives through these Karmic Imprints subconsciously without being aware of them. The negative manifestations are what we heal, leaving the positive Karmic imprints alone.
Come join our class to experience receiving a message from a loved one in the afterlife. (everyone receives a message)
This is a beginner’s class, for those who feel the desire to learn and grow in a spiritual sense, but have not yet built a foundation in this regard. We will guide you to higher consciousness, connecting cosmic healing energies and spirit. Our main objectives are to clear and balance the chakras, heal, reconnect your energy to the quantum field and strengthen undiscovered natural psychic abilities. We provide a safe and harmonious environment where you become part of a family of healers that will help you raise your vibration and connect with loved ones in the afterlife.
Reiki Masters, if needed, are on site for Energy healing, or assistance with clearing chakras, through “Universal Energy”.

Classes are weekly $30.00 per class. Check, Cash, or Credit Card. Paid when you attend class. Please Rsvp a Text 714-222-8835 with your name and location you plan to attend to get in.

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Spiritual healing and Revealing with Tony The Healing Medium brings a lifetime of bad karma to a close. Tony does this by identifying exactly where the energy blocks and congestion are in your celestial bioplasmic body.  He then finds the Root Cause of those blockages from the soul level meaning your “karmic imprint”. You can then proceed to heal your life rapidly and permanently.  Identifying the reason why disease or bad manifestations occur in your life is known as a “karmic imprint”,  it is the root cause and  reason why bad experiences happen in our lives in the first place.  Permanent healing starts with connecting the dots in our lives.

 Finding out the karmic imprints in detail is the single most important element needed for permanent spiritual energy healing.  

Without doing so, means you literally don’t know why or what really needs healing in your life or why it manifested.   This does not make spiritual or academic sense, nor is it spiritual energy healing.   It’s like doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!  That is insane.  The Root Cause needs to be identified to facilitate a permanent spiritual energy healing.

by Tony The Healing Medium

Tony’s strongest gift is his ability to find, pin point  with 100% accuracy the Root Cause  to any bad karma, disease or bad manifestations in your life.    Meaning  knowing exactly why it manifested in your life in the first place..   Identifying the ” root cause” is the first step to removing it permanently out of your life. Tony is anointed  by spirit to facilitate spiritual healings.    He literally morphs  into golden light  when doing a  spiritual healing.    Most people see the great eastern saint,  Avatar BaBaji  around Tony when he is doing a healing.  All the information Tony delivers you will be able to Validate 100%.  He does not use riddles or metaphors.  Only Straight spirit to spirit communion union. He gives you information that you can Validate. Tony is considered on of the most Accurate Mediums of our time.

Tony does a Reading and Healing