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Tired of struggling through life?
Want to heal your life now, but don’t know how or what needs healing?
Have many unanswered questions about your life?
Want to learn why bad things and good things happen in your life? Do you keep repeating over and over again the same life patterns and don’t know why?
Need something more real?
Want to understand your life better?
Ready to make changes in your life for the better?
Want to replace stress with relief and clarity?
Want freedom to breathe and be in control?
Want to gain and create a new ability that eliminates grief?
Want to learn how to remove you life long blocks? Permanently!

Answer: Universal Core Healing

Why do we need to awaken our psychic self?

Answer:  To remove the human ego.  Your life experiences was  created through the ego.  Generally speaking the ego is the human mind.  The human ego created your karma, life long blocks, your karmic imprints.   Using your human mind to solve problems will just create more of the same problems in your life over and over again.  We will teach you how to release the human ego and start using your higher consciousness,  Your “third eye” Healing and Revealing through Awakening Your Psychic Self

Universal Core Healing is a Spiritual Healing Modality also called Energy Medicine. It is the science of knowing how to know life answers to your life’s most difficult questions. It encompasses many traditional healing practices, from the Vedas Hindu Text, Toa, Buddhism, and other religious philosophy. Practitioners perform energy healings, extractions, cleanses, purification, exorcisms, and facilitate the removal of bad karmic imprints “karma” from your life permanently. The biggest most profound asset is the ability of the practitioner to be able to find the real answers to why specific experiences manifested in your particular life. Practitioners can find the“Root Cause” to any disease or bad manifestations in your life. So their clients know exactly in detail what needs to be healed , where it originated from, and what needs to be done to remove it permanently out of your life!  This is done by spiritual means, the means that are precise as mathematics, accumulative energies are identified inside your celestial body, energies mostly that you are not consciously aware of. These energies we call and have doved “karmic imprints”. These karmic imprints are what creates good and bad experiences in your life. That means what is inside of you creates your life experiences. The bad manifestations are what we concern ourselves with only. The good karmic imprints we leave alone. In actuality we create our own lives through these karmic imprints subconsciously without ever being aware of them. Universal Core Healing, through spiritual healing  processes remedies to a host of bad manifestations “karma”.

Healing and Revealing Your life’s Blocks, Karmic imprints “Karma”  Permanently!  You will learn to see your own truth about your own issues.  Learn to see the past, present and future accurately from God’s eyes inside of you. Your psychic third eye. Your psychic self! Not from the human mind. This is the Real Ultimate answer to healing yourself and others. Everyone is psychic but not everyone knows how to heal. This class focuses on spiritual healing and revealing one’s own life, while opening up your intuition. “Your third eye” In this class we will go beyond all energy healing modalities. You will learn how to live, heal and awaken your psychic self permanently.
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Join us this week to receive a spirit messages from your loved ones in spirit! “in the afterlife”
✉️❤️✉️EVERYONE RECEIVES A MESSAGE!!✉️❤️✉️And learn how we do it!
This class is a beginner’s guide to opening the door to higher consciousness and connection to spirit and cosmic healing energies. We will be working together to receive messages and signs from the beyond. We will focus on balancing our chakras, healing ourselves and reconnecting our energy to the quantum field. We provide a safe and harmonious environment that will easily, and comfortably help you raise your vibration to connect with our deceased loved ones. Come join us and learn to strengthen your undiscovered natural psychic abilities! Self healing is very important to our class, as we will have a Reiki master onsite for energy healing as needed.🙏

We believe in Healing the mind through healing the spirit. This is the key to real and permanent healing that will manifest the life you desire. Opening up to advanced higher knowledge means opening up your third eye to your psychic self. Opening up your psychic self leads to all truth about yourself, your past, your present and your future. Yes, just like it says in many holy books. “The Truth Will Set You Free”

Our Instructor Tony The Healing Medium and brief description of what occurs in class

Tony comes from a traditional shamanic background from South America. He teaches a very different style of spiritual healing and psychic development. Never before done in the western world. Tony believes everyone is psychic as we all came from the same god. However there are what he calls karmic imprints, energy blocks, inside our chakras, (energy centers) that manifest what we perceive as our lives, subconsciously without us even knowing or being aware of it. We all have good and bad karmic imprints. The bad ones are our energy blocks, (bad karma). Those have to be removed before you can move on your spiritual journey or you will not get very far. So this class focuses spiritual healing while  opening up your third eye through a series of healing and revealing purification sessions with the class. Most of Tony’s students, if not all are powerful Spiritual Healers and Spiritualist Mediums! You will be among the most accurate mediums and healers in your area. This is a no nonsense approach in healing and developing your psychic gifts.

Tony does a healing  like no other! Why is Tony so different?

Tony’s strongest gift is his ability to find, pin point  with 100% accuracy the Root Cause  to any bad karma, disease or bad manifestations in your life.    Meaning  knowing exactly why it manifested  is the first place in your life.   Finding the ” root cause” is the first step to removing it permanently out of your life. Tony is anointed  by spirit to facilitate spiritual healings.    Heliterally morphs  into golden light  when doing a  spiritual healing.    Most people see the great eastern saint,  Avatar BaBaji  around tony when he is doing a healing.  All the information Tony delivers you will be able to Validate 100%.  He does not use riddles or metaphors.  Only Straight spirit to spirit communion union. He gives you information that you can Validate. Tony is considered on of the most Accurate Mediums of our time.

Why is Tony’s Teaching so Different? Here is an excerpt from Tony’s Book that will answer this question

Students experience practices aimed at enhancing awareness of one’s body and mind and bringing one down from intellectual preoccupation to heartfelt sincerity. The classes are spontaneous, without rigidity of structure or learning by the book method.  Some of Tony’s methods and teachings have roots in old traditions as he is a channel  for the great Saint BABAJI.  A lot of people want to fix, heal and enhance their lives. Why is it then that only a few make it to those stages?  Answer.  Too many, people want a quick fix.  I  get hundreds of requests per month from people wanting me to do quick fixes on themHealing, purifications, cleanses etc..  I refuse them all.  If someone is not in the frame of mind that healing comes from inner work, healing the soul, so the mind can follow, then they are only wasting precious time.  Good spiritual health is the foundation for all your manifestations in all aspects of your life.  Love, finance, family, work, social, etc.. Without good spiritual health, even if you attain some aspects of what you wanted, it will only be short lived, or without the full joy that comes from good spiritual health..  I find people go and see shamans, healers etc.. that are incapable of telling them in great details what needs to be healed  in the first place and why it had manifested in their life.   Not  being able to find and deliver the root cause of  any negative manifestation is a big sign that the spiritualist, shaman or healer is under developed themselves.  Many people attempt to heal without even knowing  exactly what they are trying to heal.   That does not make spiritual sense or even intellectual sense.  Every holy book declares god created us all equally and that the “truth will set us free” So why do most people find it so difficult to heal.  The answer is because most people do not know exactly what needs healing  and are led astray by false information from under developed psychics, shamans and  healers etc.. Their spiritual foundation, or spiritual health is rooted in false or inadequate information.   

You see, no one needs to be saved or rescued.  What people need is knowledge.  Knowledge of their very own spiritual power and how to access it.

Tony is the Founder of Universal Core Healing

Universal core healing goes beyond Reiki and most all other Energy Healing Modalities. It finds the root cause to any core issue manifesting in your life. Core issues that you will be able to validate 100%. So you can released and remove through a series of purifications, extractions, that meets cosmic law.   Come join us. Explore our Healing and Revealing thru awakening your psychic self . Our classes will increase your knowledge of your own personal life.  

Tony does a Reading and Healing