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By identifying the reason why disease or bad manifestations occur in our life’s in detail. This means finding the karmic imprint. You then will know exactly why it manifested or why it keeps manifesting in your life in the first place! You then will know exactly what needs to be done to heal it and remove it out of your life. A “karmic imprint”, it is the root cause and reason why bad experiences happen in our lives in the first place. Permanent healing starts with connecting the dots of the karmic imprints in our lives.

Spiritual healing and Revealing with Tony The Healing Medium brings a lifetime of bad karma to a close. Tony does this by identifying exactly where the energy blocks and congestion are in your celestial bioplasmic body. He then finds the Root Cause of those blockages from the soul level meaning your “karmic imprint”. Using this awareness, you can then proceed to heal your life rapidly and permanently.

Finding out the karmic imprints in detail is the single most important element needed for permanent spiritual energy healing. Without doing so, means you literally don’t know why or what really needs healing in your life or why it manifested. This does not make spiritual or academic sense, nor is it spiritual energy healing. It’s like doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! That is insane. The Root Cause needs to be identified to facilitate a permanent spiritual energy healing.

Universal Core Healing is a Spiritual Energy Healing Modality also called Energy Medicine. It is the science of knowing how to know life answers to your life’s most difficult questions. It’s based on soul healing of the your karmic imprint “karma”embeded in your celestial bioplasmic energy body.

When using the term “root cause” in Universal Core Healing. our definition is “The reason why bad karma has manifested in your life in the first place.” It is the accumulated energies inside your souls life theme inside your celestial body. Pre-programmed to give you a very specific experience in life. Over and over again until it is brought to a close.

Only through understanding why it has manifested in the first place can you then proceed in healing and removing it.

Universal Core Healing practitioners can find the”Root Cause” to any disease or bad manifestations in your life. Their clients then know exactly in detail what needs to be healed , where it originated from, and what needs to be done to remove it permanently out of your life! This is done by spiritual means, the means that are precise as mathematics, accumulative energies are identified inside your celestial body, energies mostly that you are not consciously aware of. These energies we call and have doved “karmic imprints”. These karmic imprints are what creates good and bad experiences in your life. That means what is inside of you creates your life experiences. The bad manifestations are what we concern ourselves with only. The good karmic imprints we leave alone. In actuality we create our own lives through these karmic imprints subconsciously without ever being aware of them. Universal Core Healing, through spiritual healing processes remedies to a host of bad life manifestations
“karma” It starts with:
Spiritual Healing and Revealing thru Awakening Your Psychic Self!

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Spiritual Healing and Revealing through through Awakening Your Psychic Self! Universal Core Healing is a Energy Healing Modality that awakens your true psychic self to a very accurate degree.
Founder is one Tony The Healing Medium. One the world’s most accurate medium of our time. 
The School of Universal Core Healing is a modern day mystery school that puts you on the right esoteric track/path of learning in order for you to become a top healer medium! 

Here you will find an avant garde approach and structure towards inner transformation including self healing and have many FUN mystical experiences along the way.
Disillusioned with Life? Feel something is missing? Running into road blocks in life? Want to know why you have manifested your particular life experiences?
It’s time to Shift your Mind and soul with the School of Universal Core Healing

Tony The Healing Medium offers Spiritual Healing and classes in Newport Beach- Irvine- Costa Mesa- Huntington Beach-Anaheim check our website for more info schoolofuniversalcorehealing.com