The Art of Becoming Spiritually Healed and Consciously Awakened for life! Tired of struggling in life.  Come Joins and find out why you struggle.  Are you recycling same old life patterns?  Stop suffering and start healing.  Healing doesn’t have to take a life time!  Energy Blocks are the “Root Cause” to negative manifestations in our life, pain, suffering and disease.

Universal Core Healing is the Science of pin pointing  and removing energy blocks inside our celestial bioplasmic energy body and our soul’s life theme.  These energy blocks create your life sub-consciously without you ever being aware of it!   By healing and revealing these energy blocks that keep recycling negative manifestations into your life. You heal the past! Present! And Future!


Removing these energy blocks and then replenishing you with a new higher vibratory energy of golden light, your higher consciousness (your psychic self) will be activated. Energy blocks are what prevents your Higher Consciousness from fully developing in the first place. This is the step to becoming an Enlighten Being 

Enlighten beings can access their super consciousness 24-7 to see energy blocks inside themselves and all others. It is like having a golden compass that guides you accurately and rapidly without going through all the human dramas and traumas in life, bringing peace, love harmony, and enabling you to manifest more of what your truly desire! Enabling you to becoming Spiritually Healed and Consciously Awakened for life!


This is a beginner’s class, for those who feel the desire to learn, heal and grow in a spiritual sense, but have not yet built a foundation in this regard. We will guide you to higher consciousness, connecting cosmic healing energies and spirit. Our main objectives are to clear and balance the chakras, heal, reconnect your energy to the quantum field and strengthen undiscovered natural healing and  psychic abilities. We provide a safe and harmonious environment where you become part of a family of healers that will help you raise your vibration and connect with loved ones in the afterlife.
Reiki Masters, if needed, are on site for Energy healing, or assistance with clearing chakras, through “Universal Energy”.

First step in healing starts with Receiving a Verifiable intimate Psychic Mediumship Reading about your life and your life’s theme.  Join us for evenings of finding the truth about your life!  Stop struggling and find out why you struggle!  Indentifying, pin pointing the root cause to negative manifestations is the first step in healing  and removing them.


Reiki Masters, if needed, are on site for Energy healing, or assistance with clearing chakras, through “Universal Energy”.  
Please Note: If the Idea of Healing your life’s past, present and future and Awakening yourself to Higher Consciousness, your Psychic Self Accurately is of the utmost importance to you, then Universal Core Healing is the School for you. 

Reiki Masters, if needed, are on site for Energy healing, or assistance with clearing chakras, through “Universal Energy”. 

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The Following is for dedicated long term students only that have gone through the healing and revealing purification process.   

The Most Powerful Third Eye Attunement in the Western World! Awakens you to Higher Consciousness so the truth can set you free!

  TONY THE HEALING MEDIUM gifts his long term dedicated student the power of clairvoyance.   Enabling them to see with her bare naked eye balls wide open in front of them. The Spirit Dimensions, Spirit World, Spirit People, Angels, Avatars and Cosmic energies. 

In summary 

The practitioners at Universal Core Healing are fully develop spiritual mediums who are able to psychically find the “Root Cause” to any disease or negative manifestation in your life. You, as the client, will then know, in detail, exactly what the issue is, where it originated, why it is in your life, and what needs to be done to resolve and heal Permanently. This is all done through means of spirituality,  that are as precise as mathematics. These Karmic Imprints (spirit energy) are what create and manifest good and bad life experiences. We actually create our lives through these Karmic Imprints subconsciously without being aware of them. The negative manifestations are what we heal, leaving the positive Karmic imprints alone.

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  • Learn to heal yourself and others
  • Learn Universal Core Healing Modality (energy medicine)
  • Learn how to see auras and bioplasmic energy fields
  • Learn how to scan the body and see, feel and identify  with pinpoint accuracy energy blocks (karmic imprints) inside the celestial body and the souls life theme.
  • Learn secret meditations and techniques to harness electromagnetic energy and increase your energy flow.  Increase you input and output.
  • Learn Reiki Healing and many more Healing modalities and techniques
  • Learn and discover your psychic, mediumship abilities from one the World’s Most Accurate Mediums
  • Learn Remote Viewing
  • Learn Channeling
  • Learn go into Trance Meditation
  • Learn how to use Universal Core Healing to gain what you truly  desire
  • Learn how to induce an out of body experience
  • Learn how to step into your highest path and deepen your spiritual connection
  • Experience past life regressions
  • Experience Higher Consciousness
  • Heal your past, present and future
  • Learn to see the past, present and future thru Higher Consciousness

School of Universal Core Healing Doctrine

Universal Core Healing will shift your mindset in a way taught nowhere else. Our founder, Tony the Healing Medium, is one of the world’s most Accurate Mediums. He has been blessed with this unique and thorough knowledge through Spirit to Spirit Communications.

UCH is different than other metaphysical studies in that we teach several doctrines at once, as they are meant to be taught. Both Spiritual Energy Healing and Awakening to Higher Consciousness as a whole. In this way your foundation will be strong, steady and durable. You will gain the ability to carry yourself with confidence and ease, and tap into your innate intelligence and power. 

Although UCH is taught in a no-nonsense rapid style, you will be required to do the work. You must be dedicated to becoming a Better You! Before starting this course, you must release preconceived ideas, break down any existing foundations from past teachings and most of all, it is Mandatory to let go of EGO!

During this required, 8-week beginners’ course you will learn the importance of healing yourself from within. This must be done before any and all other responsibilities, it is of vital importance. UCH will identify, in detail, specific energy blocks or Karmic imprints that has affected your life in a negative way, where it has taking form in your celestial body (Chakra) why it originated, specifically, (Root Cause) with details you will be able to validate. Once these energy blocks are removed, your psychic abilities will awaken naturally, increase rapidly, with amazing accuracy.

Please see the Third Eye Attunement Page for more info on Awakening Consciousness  your Psychic self.  Here is a link