Samadhi Meditation

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 Samadhi Meditations with Tony the Healing Medium.  When Tony lays hands on people it invokes a mystical spiritual experience.   See Last video on this page.

Is Your Meditation Effortless, Enjoyable and Effective?

Samadhi Meditation: with Tony The Healing Medium 
  • Experience Deep Inner Peace—the State of Samadhi
  • Increase Self-Awareness, Clarity and Creativity
  • Become Fully Proficient in Just a Few Hours


The Importance of Samadhi

Most people, when they think of meditation, think of someone sitting in a loincloth concentrating on nothing but pointless woowoo.

Perhaps, they believe, it gives some kind of mental benefit but that’s all Really?

Samadhi, which literally means “to direct together,” is the state in which the yogi perceive the identity of his soul as spirit.

In other words, samadhi is a state of consciousness where the practitioner becomes one with the experienced meaning they tune in to a different frequency.  A higher dimension. more info



This means that the practitioner is really not aware of their external surroundings; they are fully absorbed within. A bomb could go off and they wouldn’t hear it.

So what exactly are they experiencing? Well, that depends…on what type of Samadhi you benefit from; 

And while it’s true that many practitioners do use mantras, visualizations, or breathing techniques, and they do improve concentration, it’s not correct to believe that this is the entire point of meditation.  These are only stepping stones to something to deeper

  •  This “something deeper” is a state of awareness known as samadhi- the precursor to enlightenment. Both Buddhism and Hinduism place a lot of importance on this state of awareness, and often cite it in many religious texts

Samadhi A State of Higher Consciousness

There are many different types of samadhi, but the two most well known types are savikalpa and nirvikalpa.

  • Savikalpa Samadhi- This type of samadhi is the preliminary phase to the deeper nirvikalpa, but it’s powerful nonetheless. This is the process of fully bringing the prana-current up the spine and into the brain. This means that the senses are fully closed off, and the practitioner is completely absorbed in an experience of bliss. The meditator is still slightly aware of the process of experiencing to some degree, however, and therefore is not completely devoid of ego.
  • Nirvikalpa Samadhi- This is the highest expression of samadhi. In this state, the practitioner can consciously completely leave the body at will and merge with the cosmic stream that makes up the universe. The meditator has no pulse, no breath; this is why it’s commonly referred to as the breathless state.

Paramahansa Yogananda, a Hindu mystic that lived in America, had this to say about nirvikalpa samadhi:

“The next state is called nirvikalpa samadhi. In this state of consciousness you maintain your divine realization even while working or speaking or moving about in this world. Nirvikalpa is the highest realization. Once attaining that, there is no further possibility of falling back into delusion.” Parammahansa Yogananda was a Disciple the Great Mystic BaBai.  BaBJi is the Avatar that Tony The Healing Medium Channels.  Tony’s students can see the Great Master BaBaji with Tony .  They can see him with their bare naked eyes open in front of them when Tony is Channelling his Energy!

This is the Samadhi we practice here

So How do You Attain Samadhi?

Samadhi isn’t easy to achieve.

It takes lots of dedicated effort; constant practice. But the point is that it can be attained, and as long as you keep meditating, it will be attained.


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