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Psychic development classes with Tony the Healer is a unique blend of  Powerfull Accurate Mediumship and Spiritual Energy Healing. To be a accurate psychic is to be a spiritual healer.  Psychic readings does not just stop at delivering messages with Tony it constitutes finding  the core issues in your life and finding the root cause of it.  So you can start to understand the reason for you manifestation of your core issue.

School of Universal Core Healing

There is a cosmic law written in every Holy book that specifies that the truth will set you free.  The truth is a lesson you are supposed to learn. To learn the lesson you must identify the core feel.  The feeling you are left with after  the trauma or negative experience you had, in your life left you with. That is the Karmic imprint. Energy that you are vibrating out into the universe creating your experiences in life. Simply put, we re-create those feelings that had gotten stuck inside of us (karmic imprint), usually in our younger days, but it can happen at any time in your life. It is a  ball of energy that resides somewhere in your chakras that pertains to that particular feeling.

You must identify the feeling that this event or experience created in  your life. Not the emotion which is just a reaction to the event or experience. You want to capture the feeling it left you with after it was over. Example: (fearful, lonely, unloved etc.)  In other words, after the smoke cleared, after the experience.  What the feeling was you were left with. That is the core feeling (karmic imprint) that is stuck vibrating inside one of your chakras manifesting that feeling over and over in your life through different people, places and things.

We recommend that you sit in quiet or when you are ready to go to sleep and simply call in your guides, loved ones or the particular God you worship and give permission for them to infuse you with the knowledge that you need. Then go back in time to the most volatile moment of this experience in your life and simply relive it and identify everything about that moment. What that person looked like, the look in his or her eyes. What they were wearing and what was said to you, what the room setting was. What he or she did to you. Relive as much detail as possible! The more details the better. It is ok to cry, and it is recommended. It is a natural form of releasement of bad energy.

Then after you cry, ask yourself what is the feeling you were left with at the moment when the incident was over. That is the feeling that needs to be worked on (released). By simply working on it completes the first step which is needed for the cosmic law of releasement. Holding the feeling 110% for as long as you can until it doesn’t cause any emotional reaction to you when you think about it. Do this for a whole week.  Before you go to bed. This will initiate for some most people lucid dreams. It is just your guides and loved ones helping you understand it better. So repeat this exercise multiple times not just once.

Tony is a healing medium and his guides and avatars are putting things in place for your healing.  Every morning when you wake up.  Simply breathe in gold light from the heavens into your entire body .  And say out loud ” WITH EVERY BREATHE I TAKE I BREATHE OUT THE FEELINGS OF………….(PUT THE FEELING THAT YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED  OR THAT HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED BY TONY AND BREATHE IT OUT VERY DEEPLY UNTIL YOU BECOME DIZZY DOING IT.  THE DEEPER THE BREATH THE FASTER IT RELEASES

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