ONE Of A Kind Intensive Psychic Mediumship Training Program

Our Teacher and Founder of Core Healing has a very special gift. He can teach you to see "Dead People" on the spot, instantly, with just his energy!! That's right! See it for yourself in our video below. He is the only one of his kind in the Western World today.

Tony The Healing Medium was given a very special "Spiritual Anointment" and instructed to awaken as many people as possible in his life time. He was told to do this so that as many people as possible may live an Awakened Life! See the video below that elaborates on his gift.

Our Psychic Mediumship Development Program is designed to teach you to deliver accurate, life changing messages which the receiver can validate 100%. Tony trains you to do this without using any metaphors, symbols, riddles or using any so called psychic dictionary. Just straight Spirit to Spirit "Communion Union", as he calls it. This is taught only here and nowhere else.

Our Advanced Psychic Mediumship Intensive Development Program uses 7 Levels of Attunements. The first level raises your awareness enabling you to seeing "Dead People", Spirits, Cosmic Energies, Fairies, Angels, any or all of the above. On The Spot!!! With your bared naked Eyes Open!!


See the Video of Students receiving a Level 1 Attunement and the video of Tony giving this attunement to a unsuspecting audience.

Levels six and seven bring you even more psychic power! It takes about one and a half to two years to complete this program and reach these levels of attunement. At the end you are guaranteed to be able to deliver accurate, life changing messages that the receiver can validate.

Tony The Healing Medium is one the Worlds most Accurate Mediums.

Attunements take about five to seven years off your psychic development education, putting you on the accurate fast track to your Psychic Mediumship goals.

Tony's goal is to Empower more light workers to be the Real Deal!!

During the span of classes, you will recieve Healing. Also, you will be made aware of the Roots Causes of any Negative Manifestations in your Life. This will occur during the series of classes, but not until you have a proven attendance record.

This Root Cause healing will allow more love and joy to enter your life. By removing the energy blocks, it will bring out the true Healing Medium in you! It will not only benefit you, but help you to help your friends, family and community.

As with all healing modalities, humility is Mandatory!! No Exceptions! Come with an Open Mind and an Open Heart!

Here are some of the highlights we will cover in our mediumship training program:

  • Learn how to expertly read energy and auras
  • Become a master at using key psychic tools for reading energy
  • Access the intuitive guidance you need to make important life decisions
  • Perfect your ability to give accurate, life-changing readings to others
  • Step onto your highest path and deepen your spiritual connection
  • Uncover your unique psychic strengths through fun, enlightening exercises
  • Discover how to use the magic of color to deepen your reading abilities
  • Get insider secrets to building a successful spiritual business
  • Gain confidence in your abilities through secret exercises Tony personally uses
  • Secret Meditations to Open up you up to more Energies. And allow more flow into your clients energy system


Tony offers Secret Meditations that will help you open yourself to more energy. This will enable you to give a stronger flow of healing energy to your clients.

And, of course, Tony will be your expert guide through every step of your journey!