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INTRODUCTION INTO PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT And Universal Core Healing By Tony The Healing Medium

 Psychic development is when you are entering into a transformational spiritual journey that requires your unbiased belief and surrender of your soul. It will require the cooperation of other beings in other dimensions wanting to work for you and with you in your development. This journey is not done alone. You will familiarize yourself with spirit guides and other beings of light. It will require much time and dedication from you. The outcome will be a miraculous steady and continuous transformation of a better understanding, enlightened both academically and spiritually as more portions of your brain will be activated expanded & used, more than you ever thought possible. You will stretch your brain into using untouched portions of your brain and higher self, your higher consciousness. Complete surrender and dedication will be foremost required in order to eliminate many many years and decades of unneeded effort and wasted time, so that you can share you gifts more rapidly, accurately and powerfully. Helping to make the world a better place to live by enlightening others that cross your path.

The journey of a spiritualist, psychic medium in it’s true nature is one that involves a very delicate nature of healing one’s past traumas, dramas, hurts and pains. You will have to go deeper into your soul than any other human beings around you, more than you ever thought possible. So, you see the journey of a psychic or spiritualist etc., is the journey to Nirvana! Reaching a degree of enlightenment most humans will never reach in this lifetime.

Universal Core Healing Third Eye Attunement Level 1

Our third eye attunement is given by invitation only to dedicated students of our very own Universal Core Healing Modality.  It is a scared initiation into a linage of healers from past incarnations, a tutelage (a guiding influence under a guardian or tutor) There are several influences, but I will name just two, BABAJI east Indian Saint and my own personal master guide.  There are more but these are the two main influences.  Universal Core Healing was channeled thru me because it requires a strong and accurate medium for this healing modality to work.  This is why being an accurate medium is what I strive for before you will be invited into the tutelage.  This tutelage requires the cooperation of spirit masters in different dimension (different reality).  My job is to put you in alignment with cosmic laws so that these Masters and Avatars can choose to work with you, like they did with me.  Every moment in your life was no coincidence, including you reading this today.  Looking back in my life as far back as 4 years of age, I was fascinated with the TV preachers that would heal people on the spot.  So, spirit was already preparing me as far back as I can remember. 


Level One Attunement- has 1-5 stages you must receive to complete level one attunement.  -Each time you receive a level one attunement it is called a stage. There are 1 to 5 stages to receive.  Level one moves you closer to meeting cosmic law, a very simple concept.  There are 1-5 stages of level 1 attunement but sometimes it varies. Some students receive only three stages before moving on to level 2 attunement.   Stage 1 is given with a lower vibration than stage 5 so not to startle, scare, etc. the prospective student. It is the opening vibration for newcomers.  It will not make you psychic permanently. And is intended this way by spirit to weed out the students that are undeserving of this spiritual power.   Stage 1 must be followed by all the other stages for it to be permanent!!!  Most looki loos and attunement grabbers only get to experience stage 1 which is the demo only. This is why spirit set it up this way to eliminate these types of underserving people that think they can receive this powerful attunement without giving or doing the spiritual work necessary to meet cosmic law to obtain this attunement.  Which brings to you a form of enlightenment. These looki loos are only living thru their silly egos.  Stage one level one, is basically a demo given very lightly. So, if you do not come back it will not stay with you.  It will be dissolved, completely and absolutely removed!!  Remember dedication is of the upmost value to the Avatars of this tutelage. After stage 3 of level one attunement your clairvoyance will really start to kick in.  Some of you will start hearing names, words and phrases inside you heads.  Level 1 is the building foundation of your clairvoyance.

Not completing all 7 levels will Void all of your previous attunements.  As these attunements are given with your knowing you must complete all 7 levels to be admitted into our Tutelage. This Tutelage comes with the linage of past healers and avatars. If you are not wanting to receive this tutelage, then you should not receive any attunements. You should say so up front so you don’t waste your time.