Psychic Development In Santa Ana-Huntington Beach Made Easy!

Tony the Healing Medium posses the gift of Third Eye Attunement. It blows wide open your Clairvoyance on the Spot! Guranteed! Eliminating decades of time spent of training. And Tony has now made Huntington Beach his new home.  Teaching classes in Huntington Beach,Santa Ana, Anaheim, Orange, fullerton, costa mesa Yeah! Here is my experience with him.

There are many psychic development classes in San Diego Ca. and everywhere in the World today. As societies are opening up to the new inner knowing, a lot of people, places and things are opening up. So how do you find a good guru to study under in today’s world? The world’s most accurate Psychic, Medium and Healer is right here in Huntington Beach in our own back yard. You see psychic development, channeling, mediumship & spiritual awakening is all grounded in spirituality. In other words that is where it comes from. Not fancy advertisement with pretty places and faces.

My name is Angela Tinsley, I have been a seeker for many years and decades. Been around the block sort of in the spiritual psychic community. I have had many psychic, mediumship readings and healings with many psychics some very famous and some not. Always looking for answers to enlightenment in my life. I stumbled across one Psychic Medium, his name is Tony the Healing Medium . I saw an ad on my facebook it read literally:
“see the spirit world now Dead People now! with you bare naked eye balls open and in front of you! I laughed and thought to myself this guy is full of hot air!! And tried to delete him from my facebook. But it wouldn’t delete! So I took it as a sign to go see this guy full of hot air. He was handsome man middle age. I had been to many classes and mostly disappointed by lack of spiritual power from the teachers.

Tony the Healing Medium took us in his meditation to a place none of us have ever been to before. He called it a healing meditation. It was so powerful! The 90% of the attendees were crying and releasing including me. He gave us an Attunement in our Third Eye that resembled a golden blast of light inside of our head. My ears were ringing. I never had a psychic development class like this ever before! When he told us to open our eyes I could see the Spirit World in front of me and all around me. I saw energies and spiritual being of light all around Tony and the classroom. It was Miraculous sight to see!! I saw dead people in front of we my bare naked eye balls open. I was blown away by this man’s spiritual power! This was the best most amazing psychic development class Ever!!! Wow!!
Tony the Healing Medium is also an incredible Medium and gave me the most accurate reading of my life. For more info on him go to:

by Reiki Angie

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