Psychic Development San Diego

Psychic development is not for everyone.   Choose wisely.  We all have psychic ability of some kind.  However to be a good accurate psychic or medium it takes more than just meditations.   It takes knowing yourself completely.   Before one can really start development your spiritual power.   You must first find any blocks that may be preventing you from being a clean channel.

Finding a good anointed teacher that  can help you find most of your blocks is of the up most importance.     It takes courage to go seek  deep down in your past and present and recall all of your negative experiences in life and release them.  This is the true nature of psychic development.    That is the secret to being a clean channel.    A true shaman will be able to pin point all of your blocks and help facilitate your releasement.  Removing your blocks are a priority.   Without doing so will bring your psychic development to a slow pace.   Taking many years and possibly decades.  The most important aspect is to find a good teacher, shaman ect..  Not a phony one.