San Diego Psychic Training School- with World’s Most Accurate Medium-Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church

San Diego Psychic Training School is the most powerful class ever!  Psychic development with Tony The Healing Medium one of the world’s most powerful psychic and  healer.  In his psychic mediumship classes you will learn about. Psychic Development and Core Healing meaning learning how to heal people of the Root Cause of their energy blocks. This helps you become a better psychic, medium, overall metaphysician. These classes are especially good for people unfamiliar with the Metaphysical Arts. You will learn:  Psychic Development in San Diego with Tony The Healing Medium

You Will Learn:

  • How to meditate and tips to improve your meditations.
  • About your own energy centers, how to keep the clear, strong and how to use them to improve your life.
  • How to channel, how to remain in control of your channeling experience and how to work with your Guides during your time together.
  • All about who they are and you will meet your Spirit Guides.
  • How to connect directly with Spirit with out the doubt that metaphors, pictures and visions invite.
  • If you know Reiki, you will learn a new way to share your healing skills.
  • If you don’t know Reiki, you will learn how to channel your White Light Energy.
  • A healing modality that an make a permanent improvement in a persons life.
  • You will learn how to validate your readings.

If you already have some knowledge in any or all of these gifts, Core Healing classes with Evidential Medium Tony Gomez will help you enhance and increase your skills faster than if you study and work alone. He does this through attunements that will help raise your personal vibration.

There are seven levels of attunements that Tony’s guides offer through him. Advancement in this class does require some dedication and consistency. It will not make you instantly more psychic, but Tony does guarantee that if you stay with it, your gifts will improve. The entire course takes about a year and a half. Short time considering most courses take three, five or ten years.

So, if you are new to metaphysics or have been studying for a while, there is something for everyone.  More info at

Psychic Development in San Diego with Tony The Healing Medium you will learn the right and most accurate way to become a powerful psychic medium. Developing  your psychic mediumship abilities with Universal Core Healing is fast and accurate!