Our Psychic Development Program


Hello and Welcome to The School Of Universal Core Healing

The purpose of our psychic development program is to remind ourselves that life is a fun, exciting adventure that we can create on our own terms.

We provide you with the tools, support, communication and validation. This allows you to create your own relationship to the world. We guide you to recognize, open, and explore your spiritual and psychic abilities. We teach you to manifest your own life thru your own creation.

Our beginning psychic development classes teach the (spiritual) mechanics of creating with and through your body.  This results in more awareness, confidence and fun. You learn to recognize the parts that are you and to release the serious stuff. The stuff that keeps you from being yourself and creating your enthusiasm for your next step.

Our Core Healing method goes beyond Reiki and most all other Healing Modalities. It finds the root cause to any core issue manifesting in your life.  Core issues that you will be able to validate 100% on your own. Come and explore our psychic development classes and increase you own personal knowledge of your own personal life.


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