Psychic Development Meditation with Tony The Healing Medium

Psychic development requires meditation.  Meditation can change your life completely. You will not know whether or not this is true unless you try it. Benefits reported from meditation include: more info

    • control of stress
    • happiness
    • greater confidence
    • improved concentration
    • positive outlook
    • sense of purpose
    • enhanced alertness
    • increased vitality
    • more natural sleep
    • better memory
    • enhanced psychic abilities
    • more powerful intuition
    • clarity of thought
    • awareness of the Divine Self   

PRANIC CONTROL is important in psychic development

The first exercise is designed to create internal harmony by breathing in and out in a measured way. This rhythmic breath will help to purify the nervous system and bring about a great feeling of peace and tranquility never so quickly attained before.


Sit upright with chest, neck and head held in a straight line. It is preferable to sit on the floor, tailor fashion, for all these exercises, but should this prove to be uncomfortable, a straight-backed wooden chair will suffice.

Do not hunch up your shoulders, keep the spine straight and the rest of the body relaxed at the same time.

Now, breathe in slowly and steadily through both nostrils for a count which is within your capacity.

Next, breathe out for the same count, thereby making the inhalation the same length as the exhalation.

Pull in the diaphragm lightly upon exhalation to squeeze gently as much air as possible from the lungs.

After a little practice, the in and out breaths will automatically equal each other. When this stage has been reached, you can then add the mental affirmation, which should flow in and out without any strain of any kind.


Careful practise of this exercise for at least 15 minutes daily for the first fortnight, will prepare you for the next exercise, which is a little more advanced

Meditation road to freedom with Tony The Healing Medium

  We will not clean out all the karmic imprints in our life.  As we are continually creating new ones all time.  By resolving and removing our big ones, the little ones will be like a little bump on the road, easily taken care of, so we can move more accurate, rapidly and precisely in our life. Don’t stress out over anything.  It will all come out! It will happen!

 So let’s meditate.  Find one spot and stick to that one spot when doing this type of meditation. Location builds energy when you meditate in the same spot.  Your building a vortex of energies.  That your loved ones and spirit guides can help you build.  You don’t need a lot of the fu fu stuff.  Like idols, spiritual decorations etc.  A candle is recommended.  Just find a spot you feel comfortable in.  Key here is use the same spot as often as possible. This helps in the beginning with building the vortex. You can start small or you can start big.  In our classes we start with the big karmic imprints that has been affecting your life, because of time limitations.  But you can start with small ones if you like.   Whatever you choose is the right choice.  

You don’t have to get into any fancy position.  Lotus etc. If you can, fine.  If you can’t, that fine too.  Find a comfortable chair, couch etc.  But don’t lie down, you’ll fall asleep.  

Put on some solfeggio tones.  YouTube has hundreds of free ones you can use. Just search solfeggio tones on YouTube.  

Call in you loved ones in spirit that you feel comfortable with.  Call in your spirit guide even if you never met them before.  Ask whatever God or angel you feel good about to help you with this.  Be very specific about what you want them to help you with.  If you know how to open your chakras up great.  Open them up.   If not, it’s ok too.  By reading and using this book you are tapping into the avatars of Universal Core Healing.

Here is an Overview of what we will be doing in meditation.

Universal Core Healing has a whole team of spirit people at your disposal.  Which will help you. There is no time or space in the spirit world. They are there. Just believe and know this.

Breathe in the 3 counts breath.  Breathe in one, two, three and hold one, two, three, release one, two, three.  This will start to balance both sides of your brain. 

Visualize a big ancient trunk with gold trims.  Like the kind of trunk you see in a pirate movie with a big heavy lid on it.  Open it up and hear it squeak as you open it.   

Now put all you worries, thoughts, daily concerns, people, places, kids, job, money issue, etc. inside the big heavy trunk and slam the lid tightly!  You won’t need them during this meditation. You can have them back after the meditation. If you still want them.

Keeping breathing slow and steady.   Remember you are now activating Universal Core Healing energies.  Simply be in gratitude for the opportunity and be in humbleness for arriving to Universal Core Healing with Tony The Healing Medium.  We are all here to help you with your journey. Even if I am not physically present there with you.  You are receiving and are now activating to some degree your energies with mine and Universal Core Healing.  As it was given to me by my Avatar BaBaJi to help people heal.  

Tilt you chin forward and let it drop on your shoulders as this will activate more relaxation in your brain in this position.  Your brain will produce more melatonin. A much needed chemical for meditation and trance work.  If you know how to active the chakras good, rotate them as I say the colors.  If not, that is ok too just follow my instructions.  Visualize the colors I give you. 

I will now guide you through a meditation.  Follow the same instructions for all the chakras listed below.

Root—Sacral—Solar Plexus—Heart—Throat—Third eye—Crown

Now here is a very simple meditation to start to activate your chakras and clean and clear them.  You will have to repeat this meditation many times.  You will eventually get it right.  By activating the chakras we start the first step into opening up to your spiritual truth.  Opening up, cleaning and charging the chakras is the first step into opening up the kundalini.  Kundalini? Here is want it means briefly.

Kundalini awakening has been said to occur as a consequence of deep meditation which sometimes results in a feeling of enlightenment and bliss. However, Kundalini awakenings may happen through a variety of methods. Many systems of yoga focus on awakening Kundalini through meditation;pranayama breathing; the practice of Asana Posture and chanting of mantras.  The Kundalini experience is frequently reported to be a feeling of electric current running along the spine.

 Breathe in the colors and fill your entire body with these colors using your breath. One color at a time.   Visualize your body being filled with white light as you take in oxygen.  Visualize the following colors.  One at a time each for five minutes.  Take deep breaths and breathe in 1-2—3 hold 1-2-3 release visualize the breath going into the chakra on the out breath and visualize the breath rotating the chakra clock wise. 

Rudy Red- Root chakra

Orange-Sacral chakra

Yellow-Solar plexus chakra

Green- Heart chakra

Blue- Throat chakra

Indigo-Third eye chakra

Purple – Crown Chakra



Now that the Chakras are active.