Psychic development long beach-Lakewood-Seal Beach-Huntington Beach-Cerritos-Cypress-Whittier- with Tony The Healing Medium

Psychic development with Tony The Healing Medium

Psychic Development Universal Core Healing Psychic Reading Guide

The following is an ideal way to learn to give a well rounded psychic mediumship reading.  It will enable you to gather and deliver information that helps prove that the spirit of the person you are connecting to is continuing to exist in another realm to the sitter.(the person you are doing a reading for)  Before going into a trance meditation, make you intentions clearly known.  Write them down on a clear piece of paper and simply show spirit the paper you have written.  Lift it up over your head and say “here it is spirit”, Intrance me with this information.  In great gratitude I thank you in advance for your service. more info

  • Physical Identification of the communicator (the spirit or dead person). The communicator is often times a passed loved one or relative of the sitter, but not always, just in most cases.  You must be sort of demanding but not belligerent.  In most cases, it will be the first time for that spirit communicating with a spiritualist medium.  So, you need to be large and in charge.  Most spirits do not know how to communicate with you.   Because they were not mediums in life.  They are being helped by your guides.  When you pass on to the after life because you were a medium, you know how to properly communicate with a medium.  So be very clear and ask for the following:
  • Race-Height-Appearance, with Clothing-Hair Color and How it’s Combed-Body Type-Eye Color- Demand To Zoom In On Any Scars Or Tattoos.
  • Once the spirit has identified their physical properties, you move on to any Memories-Mannerisms-Hobbies-Illness or illness within the family-Events happening around the sitter-Shared events with the sitter and spirit person-  Anything and Everything to verify the reading.
  • Reason- Why spirit has chosen to communicate.  This could be many things.  Like giving comfort to a grieving parent for the loss of their child etc. To acknowledge to the sitter the spirit communicator is aware of what’s happening around them.  To give love and support and guidance.  To let them know they are not alone.  To prove they are with them.
  • Core issue- Now this may not be for everybody.  If this reading is for grieving parent etc. the above will suffice.  If it is a reading to help heal someone life, then any core issues that keep resurfacing will have to be brought up.  (karmic imprints)
  • Root cause- In detail what is the root cause of the core issues manifesting in the sitter life.

In my lifetime I have given and witness many readings.  I have learned that our karmic imprints distort our perception of energy and energy is vibration.  Vibration is how we receive the waves of information.  I have learned that no matter what the spirit communicator has done in their lifetime, once they go thru the white light, all is cleansed of any human negative experiences and vibrations.

I have witnessed unhealed want to be mediums, that have used profanity and obscene language. I also witness and experience psychics that have unhealed lives..  Unable to receive vital accurate core issues or any root causes of core issues.  These are not mediums or will they ever become one.  These are people with unhealed lives, usually holding on to some form of hatred or some form of emotional pain.  As this was written during the trump presidency, Trump is a good example of having hatred in his system.  Supporters of trump have hatred in their systems, most are unaware of the hatred or pain they hold.  Hatred or emotional pain will halt your accuracy and your spiritual growth.  This is why it is of the upmost importance to heal our lives.

Psychic development long beach-Lakewood-Seal Beach-Huntington Beach-Cerritos-Cypress with Tony The Healing Medium is now easier with Tony Third Eye Attunement see video