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Psychic Mediumship Development Class San Marcos

Psychic development classes.  Learn how to become clairvoyant, medium and spiritual healer!
Do you have a fascination for all things involving the alternative spiritual and mystical arts? Have you ever felt like a mystical misfit? Ever tried going on your own journey of spiritual exploration and self realization only to suddenly realize that you were in need of some real guidance and support? Or maybe you’ve always desired to attend one of the great mystery schools of our time but felt you missed your chance? Well here’s YOUR chance…Universal Core Healing IS your chance and IS the place for you! The School of Universal Core Healing is a modern day mystery school that puts you on the right esoteric track/path of learning in order for you to become a top healer medium!
Don’t miss your opportunity to learn with the master himself, Tony The Healing Medium, master healer by entering into Universal Core Healing School and joining his phenomenal master class.
Here you will find an avant garde approach and structure towards inner transformation including self healing and have many FUN mystical experiences along the way.
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by Kathy Speaks

While everyone can develop their psychic abilities, it may not be a particular individual’s destiny to have this as a priority. It may be much more important for someone to learn a particular skill not directly relating to anything psychic, though every skill can be enhanced by introducing a psychic element to it. Psychic development with Universal Core Healing is a personal, spiritual, and professional growth system.

Psychic abilities are neither good nor bad

Psychic abilities are neither good nor bad in themselves – it is how they are used that makes them good or bad. If, for example, you use psychic ability to look at the aura of a patient before giving them spiritual healing, and you see clearly exactly what part of the aura needs special attention, and you then tune in to the exact magnetic energy required to heal that person, this is obviously a good thing to do. If, however, you use psychic ability to satisfy greed or bring harm to someone else, this is obviously a misuse. It is as simple as that.

Psychic development and enlightenment

It is not possible to gain enlightenment, without pinpointing your karmic imprints, and working thru them to bring them to a completion.  To gain precise accurate psychic clairvoyant one must do their homework to bring their karma to a close.  Here is what we mean.

The concept of removing and neutralizing these karmic imprints is very simple.  Again, I can fill a library with information on karmic imprints and karma, but you will be dead of old age by the time you finish reading all of it.  Now listen up! These karmic imprints are always coming back into your life for a very simple reason.  For the purpose that you can face them, feel and experience them through 100%. Unresolved karmic imprints will keep on recycling throughout your life if it is not completed. They will never go away until they are dealt with and brought to a completion. This is what is between your psychic self and also your life’s desires.  They are your blocks.  Let this really sink in!


The difference between intuition and psychic development

Like so many words, the word “intuition” is used differently by different people. One way of looking at the intuition is as the “voice” of the Divine Spirit within manifesting through the mind – the highest part of ourselves “speaking” to us. As such, the intuition is inherently spiritual in nature – whereas psychic powers are not necessarily spiritual at all.

Viewed in this light, the intuition is the most valuable faculty we have, because it is through intuition that we recognize spiritual truth. It is intuition above all which will tell you whether or not the content of this website is true. The difficult part is “hearing” the intuition, amidst the din of worldly clamor we fill our minds with every day. And once heard, the intuition has to be recognized for what it is. All too often people mistake what they want to be true for the voice of intuition telling them that it is true.

How to develop the intuition more inf

The more we listen to our intuition – and the more we act on what we hear – the better our intuition will get. The more truthful we are, and the more we dedicate ourselves to truth, the more we will attract truth and be able to recognize it.

Purity of motive is also vital for developing intuition. If we really want spiritual truth so that we can use this knowledge to help others, and if we put enough effort into finding it – we will find it, and recognize it. This is guaranteed by the Divine law.

Service and spiritual practices, as mentioned above are also excellent ways to develop the intuition.

Understanding Psychic Development and Universal Core Healing
With Tony the Healing Medium
So here is our Mission Statement. Live Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!! Ever wonder why there are good and bad psychics & mediums? Ever wonder why all psychics cannot be precise and accurate in their readings? Well here is the answer! Ready! They have not met cosmic laws in order to attain their gifts. Simple. Not complicated. Certainly some of these psychics that have not met cosmic laws have attained to some degree psychic abilities. That is very possible as attracting ghost, astral beings in the 2nd dimension is very ascertainable. And yes, ghost and astral beings can give you information that can be validated to a degree. I have met many people experimenting with their eye third. For some it has caused their troubles and demise! The goal in obtaining to be a finely tuned medium, is to be a very powerful finely tuned spiritual healer. Without the one you will not get to the other! Both must go hand and hand with each other. So the first and only person that needs to understand their life! Is you! Meaning understanding , why experiences and manifestations occur in your life. You and only you will need to understand the concept of how your life was manifested by cosmic law. Understanding and surrendering God’s laws is comic law. This is why we do the things we do in our class. This is why we don’t accept looki loos and curiosity seekers in our class. This is why we require a commitment from you. There are many metaphysical people running around doing readings and healings like chickens with their heads cut off. They have unhealed feelings manifesting into their personal life. I know I used to be one of them. It is like a phase we all go through when we don’t have the right guru or spiritual teacher. Here at Universal Core Healing we eliminate the chicken with the cut off head syndrome phase in your development. Why? Because it is not necessary. The ancients had it right when students would pilgrimage to a holy place to surrender their souls in order to study with an enlighten zen master, for decades. 10,20,30 years. Jesus is said to have gone to Tibet for 30 years. In over three thousand or more years of human evolution our souls have evolved. With that being said. It is no longer the standard amount time necessary to understand and activate your higher self. The chicken with head cut off syndrome student can be eliminated by introducing them to Universal Core Healing. Universal Core Healing creates enlighten people and master teachers in order to bring more viable changes to our world and local communities. You can’t solve any problem with the same mind that created them in the first place. You have to use a different mind to solve a problem permanently. The spirit mind. So in other words you cannot solve your personal problem with the same mind that created them. Your human mind, your ego. This is why God created the third eye chakra. When properly used it can solve any problem permanently. Using the higher mind. The God mind. Universal Core Healing was brought to you by an Enlighten Master BABAJI. Babaji is the famed Paramahansa Yogananda master, His teacher. Almost everything that is brought through in classes comes from Babaji, through Tony. Enlighten Avatars choose their instruments to channel through. Yes Avatars look at us at times as instruments because it is necessary to choose a clean channel.