Psychic Development is for Everyone from Beginners to Advance

Psychic Mediumship Development Class San Marcos


  psychic to some degree.   




Psychic and intuitive abilities, like the ability to give spiritual healing, should not be regarded as the gift of the few – they are the birthright of everyone on Earth. These abilities are latent within us all – and intuition and psychic development can occur through spiritual practices, such as yoga breathing and mantra, and by various forms of service to others, such as prayer and spiritual healing.

Understanding Universal Core Healing, Psychic Clairvoyance Development and Ancient Techniques

Hundreds and thousands of years ago psychic powers where only developed by a chosen few that endured the rigorous developing like living in solitary for decades.  Not talking or speaking a word for years and many other strenuous disciplines, that still work to a degree today.  If you have 2 to 3 decades of time for this type of development, great for you.  But for the rest of us that want to live heal and awaken our psychic selves now, Spirit has given us School of Universal Core Healing.  You will not get the same results as the above mentioned disciplines because they were created at a time and age of science when it was not as developed as presently.  Through Universal Core Healing you will not gain the same as the old methods, you will receive 100 plus times more spiritual awakening.   Universal Core Healing is for the New Age of Awakening.    A Thousand years from now spiritual awakening will be main stream.  Third eye opening will be a thing of the past.  Because everyone will be born with an awaken third eye!

You see these ancient esoteric secret meditations and technics were all practiced to help remove your ego!!   Our human thoughts, fears and believe system etc.  Yoga practitioner’s goal is to reach enlightenment through meditation and physical stretches and movements etc.  All this is done to awaken the individual to their higher self.  Meaning facing their fears, thoughts and memories of prior manifestations in their life.  Their ego.  Universal Core Healing eliminates all of these modalities, by going directly to the ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR MANIFESTATION.   Your Karmic Imprints. Finding the root cause of any manifestation in your life will eliminate 1,2 or 3 decades of trying to figure it all out.  Bringing your ROOT CAUSE to a resolve will give you the same outcome and more if you were to do the above mentioned development technics of yoga and meditating for decades in a cave somewhere in a holy place.  Why?  Because God intends for everyone to Live Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!  Not just the ones that go to holy places or do ancients technics of spiritual development.


Then ancient techniques brought you to an awakening of your celestial bodies like your chakras, prana etc.  But guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Completing, Resolving and Releasing Your Karmic Imprints does the same and more.  Completing your karma automatically awakens your prana and celestial bodies.  Awakens you to your higher self.  Because it’s cosmic law.  Intended that way.  Just like the ancient techniques that brings you back to face your ego meaning fears, human thoughts and feeling stored inside of you etc.  (your karmic imprints)   Ancient healers, shamans learn how to activate their chakras, open up their nadis, (energy tubes) clean and clear their chakras,  but it took many decades of using esoteric techniques to bring them back to face their ego ie their karmic imprints.  Completing your karma activates your celestial bodies, chakras, nadis (energy tubes) Enhances your prana flow etc. just like the old way of doing it but more.  Opens your psychic clairvoyance self rapidly and more accurately

John 13:


“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do.