Psychic Development Classes in Orange County And San Diego

You may all know that there are many, many paths to enlightenment. No one path can offer all truths. There is some truth to be found in all  paths.

There are many ways which specialize in giving to people certain powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometrical powers and so on but, when all these are boiled down, they mean very little. You see, it is good to develop psychic faculties because of the great discipline.  But the only true reason is to be of  service for mankind – not for one man, not for just family, not for self,  but for service to all humans.  Wanting these spiritual psychic powers for your own ego will only get you so far,  as it requires the cooperation of spirit masters in the afterlife.  With out these Masters blessings you will only go as far as your human mind takes you.

Most, if not all psychic development  classes focus on technique and meditation only.  But there is a whole other world to be in compliance with.  When you are ready for the most powerful psychic development teacher ever.   Then attending Tony the Healing Medium Psychic development classes is a must.  Tony can open your clairs up Rapidly, Accurate, and Powerfully thru his One of a Kind Third Eye Attunement.   That can have you seeing the spirit world instantly on the spot with your bare naked eye balls open.   Allowing for more accurate information to come thru for your clients.  See proof of it in our videos.

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