Psychic Development Classes Enhances Your Psychic Gifts

Psychic development Classes in Los Angeles-Orange County-Lake Elsinore-San Diego

You may have heard it before, everyone is psychic. It’s true. We are all born with God-given psychic gifts. So, just how do psychic development classes enhance your psychic gifts? What are we really paying for?

To put it simply, classes will teach you different ways to access your gifts through reading cards, runes, crystals and all the other ways to reach spirit. So, what you are really paying for in a class is to absorb energy from Masters and Guides through a teacher. A teacher agrees to become become a conduit for Spirit to send energy out to the class. This energy is meant to raise the personal vibrations of the students. As a result, this makes it easier for the student to connect with Spirit.

A lot depends on the student. A student of metaphysics strives to become a clear channel. Among other things, this means a healthy body and as healthy a mind as possible. A mind clear of negative energy, thoughts and deeds. Every thought is a prayer and a clear student keeps this in mind. Consequently, they strive to keep all thoughts and spoken words in a positive energy.

There are many great teachers who have dedicated their lives to helping bring people closer to Spirit. Tony is just one of the many. The difference is, in view of the changing world, his Masters promise to help raise the students vibrations faster than most teachers today. I believe there will be other teachers like Tony the world over, but now is just the beginning of the change in how metaphysics is being taught.

In Core Healing classes, your first client is yourself. Here, you will learn how to heal your own metaphysical bodies of the negative energies life may have imprinted on them. You will learn how to connect more directly to Spirit without metaphors, psychic dictionaries or disjointed images you may see in meditation. Whatever way you connect to Spirit will become more direct, clear and accurate. All this will be able to give your client information they can validate.

So when looking for a Psychic Development classes, keep in mind the energy you feel while you are IN the class. Not just the information being taught. It is the energy you absorb that will raise you up so that you may connect more quickly to Spirit.  Here is a psychic development class video from Tony The Healing Medium Class more info at

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