Anaheim Psychic Development Classes Aim for Professional Career Training

There are many psychics and mediums out there.  But Universal Core Healing has the most unique psychic mediumship classes and training program in the World Today. Evidential Medium Tony Gomez is a world class medium with a straight forward approach and ability for uncanny accuracy.   He is able to validate connections to your loved ones and pick up your core issues in your life today.   Not only that, but he is able to find the root cause of your issue which you can validate 100% so you can start to understand why certain experiences keep happening to you.

It is the start of your spiritual liberation.   Tony’s biggest gift is his love of teaching his  gift to newbies so that they may in turn teach others.   Advancing their skills faster than most other teacher are able. Teaching  people how to have  awakened lives is the gift he brings to the world.

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