Psychic Development, Diet And The Growing Psychic

Diet is a question that always comes up in Psychic Development classes. There are as many different answers as there are teachers. The one recurring theme I have found in all the answers is just be healthy.

Being healthy does mean you may need to search inside yourself and give up some vices. Things like drinking too much alcohol, over eating, smoking and doing recreational drugs among others.

We all know that drinking too much is unhealthy, not to mention it destroys brain cells. It also interferes with Spirits efforts to communicate with you. It may relax you, but it will dull your senses. Not good if you are trying to communicate with the other side.

You may have to really go inside yourself if you struggle with over eating. A Core Healing may be needed. Find out why you over eat and deal with the real problem you are using food to avoid. Not an easy task, but necessary for the blooming Psychic who want to be a true healer.

Drugs. Really? Yes, many people have had psychic experiences with drugs. But they are fleeting and often distorted and rarely under any control. Anyway, a true Psychic does not need drugs to “get high” or “go on a trip”. These things become a natural part of a Psychics life and can actually help people rather than hurt the user.

As far as what to eat and what not to eat, I’ve heard everything from “eat anything” to “eat nothing with a face”. I think that leaves algae … actually, there is some pretty good algae out there. Spirilina (1) is one, look it up. There are a lot of good articles about it.

A good balanced diet of whatever your body needs may include meat for some, not for others. Either way is fine. It couldn’t hurt to bless the animal that had to give up it’s body so that we may live. But to come from the heart, that has to be a personal choice.

The one thing everyone seems to agree on is drink a lot of water. When you think about it, water helps to conduct energy and that is what we are dealing with as psychics and healers. So keeping the body properly hydrated can help you keep that flow of energy, well, flowing! Not to mention all the other benefits of drinking enough water.

There was an experiment many years ago where babies who had health problems where placed in front of a variety of foods. They consistently chose foods that helped them get better. This was before the Internet and I am unable to find anything about the experiment now. If I do, I will update with a link.

The point is, these babies knew what they needed before they could even talk. I think we can know what we need as adults if we just stop and listen.

Whether guided by some sort of instinct or by Spirit, just listen and you will know what kind of foods you should and should not eat. However, avoiding that cake with three kinds of chocolate or that drink with your favorite flavors, well, that’s up to you.

I hope this helps as a no nonsense, make your own decisions, very brief over view of the diet for a psychic life. Listen to your body.


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