Personal Healing – A First Step In Psychic Development.

Psychic development classes in Lake Elsinore. She came to the class with another person, to give them company. Metaphysics was not on her mind. Certainly not a healing. She came out of the class knowing more about herself, her capabilities, her spirituality and the God-given gifts with which we are all blessed.

This could easily be you. This is not magic, it’s not witchcraft, it’s discovering your true self. Learning how to be the person you already are, but have difficulty being because of the trials life has put in your path. Trials that have created blocks to our God-given gifts. It’s learning about energy blocks, how they have affected you and your life. This is about learning where and what are the blocks that have kept Spiritual Energy from flowing through you. These blocks make it difficult for you to manifest the life you want.

About Tony

The teacher she speaks of is Tony Gomez. Spirit has encouraged him to devote his life to teaching others how to become healers, and as a side effect, mediums. He teaches others how to help people learn about and eliminate energy blocks, in others words, how to help them heal so they may have better lives. He teaches how to have a direct connection and communication with spirit in clear, easy to understand messages. He teaches with the goal that his students will go out and teach others. All he asks is that you come to class with an open heart.

Not everyone will receive as much as our beautiful student did in the first class, but with continued attendance, you will learn about your energy blocks, where they are, what they are and how to eliminate them resulting in a personal healing.

The most wonderful side effect of a personal healing is a closer connection to Spirit.  Psychic development fastest road to Enlightenment

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