Break the Cycle and Manifest the Life of Your Dreams Through Core Healing

What is Core Healing?

To understand the gravity of it one must be able to understand that  “To be Psychic is to be a Healer”…How is that? Imagine how easy life would be if you knew exactly what needed to be healed and why.

We all experience situations that mold and shape us into who we ‘think’ we are today. These little quirks, hang ups, addictions, triggers, personality problems, etc… are acquired from unresolved trapped feelings (often from childhood) that still need to be acknowledged, felt, and released.

“But I’ve forgiven that person and have made peace with that time in my life?”

While this might be true, what do you know about manifestation and the Universal Laws? Let me tell you a little story about a guy named Joe.

Joe was the youngest of 7 and grew up in a single parent home. His Mom worked tirelessly to make ends meet and Joe was forced to go to school in ‘hand me downs’ and holes in his shoes. Ultimately he was bullied over this and he made it his life’s mission to grow up and never live in poverty ever again. So fast forward, he grew up to become an engineer in Orange County and he would attract these girlfriends with expensive taste that would make him feel like he never had enough money… He continued to manifest these situations of never feeling like he had enough money due to the fact that he was bullied for being poor in his youth. See how that happens?

Joe didn’t spend years in therapy trying to over come the wounds of his past, he received healing in a matter of moments. This is core healing made simple. Fast Forward into Joe’s life today and he is happy and in healthy relationships with financial stability. He healed the ROOT CAUSE that created one of his major CORE ISSUES… Joe was bullied because he was poor so he would attract people or situations that would feed his feelings of financial instability. In other words, they made him feel like he never had enough money.

So why Core Healing

Because nobody needs to be saved or rescued. What people need is the knowledge of their own spiritual power and how to access it. Start manifesting the people and situations that you want in your life.

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