Intuition and Psychic Development with the School Of Universal Core Healing

Psychic development



Intuition and psychic development Everyone can be psychic with the School Of Universal Core Healing

Psychic and intuitive abilities, like the ability to give spiritual healing, should not be regarded as the gift of the few – they are the birthright of everyone on Earth. These abilities are latent within us all – and intuition and psychic development can occur through spiritual practices, such as yoga breathing and mantra, and by various forms of service to others, such as prayer and spiritual healing.

Certain techniques are specifically oriented towards developing these abilities, while others are oriented towards some other goal, but nevertheless result in psychic and intuitive development, as a side effect, so to speak. For example, if you practice yoga breathing very intensely over a long period of time, with a view to gaining enlightenment, with no interest whatsoever in psychic abilities, you will nevertheless become psychic as a result. more info

While everyone can develop their psychic abilities, it may not be a particular individual’s destiny to have this as a priority. It may be much more important for someone to learn a particular skill not directly relating to anything psychic, though every skill can be enhanced by introducing a psychic element to it.

Psychic abilities are neither good nor bad

Psychic abilities are neither good nor bad in themselves – it is how they are used that makes them good or bad. If, for example, you use psychic ability to look at the aura of a patient before giving them spiritual healing, and you see clearly exactly what part of the aura needs special attention, and you then tune in to the exact magnetic energy required to heal that person, this is obviously a good thing to do. If, however, you use psychic ability to satisfy greed or bring harm to someone else, this is obviously a misuse. It is as simple as that.

Come Build The New You!


Ever feel like everything you do ends in failure? Does it seem like nothing good ever happens to you or comes your way or even starts off in the right direction?


For example, are you currently experiencing any types of recurring ailments, relationship stress, financial stress and/or job related stress?  Do you find yourself questioning why you are unable to manifest a quality, loving and stable relationship or why you can’t even find or land a decent job?

How about feeling like you can never manifest any more money than what you are

currently earning or does it appear that you can’t ever get your finances under control?


Here at the School of Universal Core Healing we help you unearth the current blocks in your life so that you will be able to manifest the good things in life.


When you attend our classes at The School of Universal Core Healing you will be taught by the world’s #1 master healer, Tony Gomez.  He will teach you how to identify your negative personal blocks and address why they keep reoccurring. You will learn why your subconscious mind is stopping your manifestations from ever happening. Our classes will lead you to face your greatest fears and work through them so that you can heal yourself and in turn heal others.


Also, at the School of Universal Core Healing we teach you how to connect to your higher self and take time to assist you to flush out and recalibrate your chakra system. In addition, our classes and programs not only will assist you in getting to the root of your core issues but they will also enable you to open your third eye so that you can become psychic organically.


Please Note: As a result your clairvoyance will shoot through the roof and you will eventually become an enlightened being!



Come with an open mind.

Be willing to commit to this.

Be willing to be honest with yourself.

Be willing to engage and interact with others.
Believe in the process.
Be ready for your transformation.


Ready set let’s go!!  Be Ready to Change Your Life and Build the New YOU!