Freedom New Age Spiritualist Center is home to the School of Universal Core Healing.  Our Pastor is Tony the Healing Medium.

Our pastor Tony Gomez is one of the World’s most accurate mediums of our time. Tony is also the founder of Universal Core Healing a powerful healing modality the heals permanently.  Tony Thru his psychic, mediumship gifts is able to pick up your core issue currently active in your life.  And also locate, pin point, and find the point of origin of its manifestation.  Tony psychic abilities all Phenomenal.  Tony gives you information that you can Validate.   Not just metaphors or generalities like most others.

Tony holds classes on psychic development in Orange County, Lake Elsinore, and San Diego.  One of the most Powerful psychic development tools Tony’s has in his spiritual intuitive awareness classes is the “Third Eye Attunement” Tony’s psychic development classes are not meant for the general public.   Tony the healing medium classes are intensive workshops mainly geared towards producing Rapidly, Accurately and Powerfully professionals psychics, mediums, and spiritual healers.  The Big difference in Tony’s class is if your are chosen to join his healing tutelage.   You will be entitled to received Tony’s one of a kind.   Worlds most Powerful Third Eye Attunement that when received and given to you will enable you to see the spirit world “dead people” fairies, angels, avatars, on the spot with you bare naked eye balls open and in front of you.  The attunement blows open your clairvoyance.   Eliminating decades of training. Their is no other training like this in the world today.  Attunements are given to dedicated students of psychic development only!

Messages brought to you by internationally known and recognized Tony the Healing Medium. Click Psychic Reading for a private reading for healing session.  Join us!  Make new friends and stay for the psychic mediumship development class if you like at 1pm.

Psychic development class 1-3 pm facilitated by Tony the Healing Medium $30 donation.

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