Psychic Development Fastest Road to Enlightenment

Psychic development fastest road to Enlightenment

The year 2012. It was talked about on T.V., in spiritual communities and among UFO researchers.  As time grew closer, it became the momentary hot topic. So, what happened to all those events predicted for the year 2012? Wikipedia has a nice, concise explanation of the events that just, well, didn’t happen.

I believe something did happen. But as usual with Spirit, not with volcanic eruptions, unusual alignments of stars or big events, but quietly, like the opening of a rose. A change that takes time to come to full bloom. The end of a 5,126-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. I that believe it was at this time that the vibrations of the world were given a big boost. There are many articles on the Net of others who believe the same.

I have seen a change in animals. Subtle, but there. They don’t have to do anything to become part of the new frequency, they just have to “Be”. I have seen behaviors of slightly increased intelligence, compassion and love that I have not read about or heard of before concerning all forms of animal life. I’m sure this increased vibration affects plants as well, but they are on a different level I do not easily access. Then there are humans.

Humans are “blessed” with free will. We have a choice whether to accept change or not. Those who don’t may find life a bit more difficult as time goes by, but not much. After the initial vibrational boost, the increase is slow, but there is an increase. This gives people time to discover, acknowledge or regret the whole thing. Those of us who are aware of the change usually want to do what we can to grow with the new frequencies. We can do this alone, or not.

We can raise our vibrations with hours of meditation, a better diet, cleaner lifestyle and a revamp of our thought processes. Again, there is a lot of information on the Net about how raise your vibration. Take if from me, this takes time, often years, and work. Always coming from love, Spirit and sent us help. The first teaches have been awakened. Tony is one of them.

Through his attunements, which he channels from his Masters, Spirit can help you raise your personal vibration. You still have to do the work. You still have to meditate, live a cleaner life and revamp your thought processes. But with his attunements, raising your personal vibration can take months instead of years. And with time, if you choose, you will be the second wave of teachers to go out and help others do the same.

2012 came and went and the world did change. It continues to change. With this change comes new modalities of psychic readings and healings. Tony’s Core Healing is one of the new modalities. It simply requires we raise our vibration to be able to help heal people so they too may become more enlightened, if they choose to.

As always, it’s up to us.  Psychic development with Tony The Healing Medium is the fastest Road to Enlightenment



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