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Live Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self! Psychic Clairvoyant Development for Self Healing for life! Anaheim Ca Class


February 8 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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$30 per class. Sold in 8 class bundles = $240

 Live Heal And Awaken Your Psychic!

Join us this week to receive a spirit messages from your loved ones in spirit! “the afterlife”
✉❤✉EVERYONE RECEIVES A MESSAGE!!✉❤✉ And learn how we do it!  Psychic Clairvoyant Mediumship/Reiki Energy Healing Development classes Anaheim, Orange County.  Beginners psychic development group, this group is a beginner’s guide to opening the door to higher consciousness and connection to spirit. We will be working together to receive messages and signs from the beyond. We will focus on balancing our chakra, and reconnecting our energy to the quantum field. We provide a safe and harmonious environment that will easily, and comfortably help you raise your vibration to connect with our deceased loved ones. Come join us and learn to strengthen your undiscovered natural psychic abilities! Self healing is very important to our class, as we will have Reiki master onsite for energy healing as needed🙏

  Our Psychic Clairvoyance Mediumship Development with Tony the Healing Medium class in Anaheim is the most life changing class you can ever experience.  Tony is phenomenal medium. Considered one the world’s most accurate psychic mediums of our time!   You will rapidly and accurately gain your spiritual power with Tony.  Tony combines mediumship and spiritual healing as they go hand and hand with each other.  Tony is the founder the of Universal Core Healing and follows the tutelage more info at website schoolofuniversalcorehealing.com  Psychic Clairvoyant Mediumship Reiki / Energy healing development classes Anaheim,Orange County with Tony The Healing Medium is so unique.  That it is the only one of it’s kind in the world today!

Please watch all class videos to see whether these classes is really for you!  Before RSVP

Have you asked yourself ?

Where is your Life Going? Tired of struggling through life? Find out how to remove the struggles rapidly and manifest your life’s true desires. Want to have an awakened life. See the truth about everything around you people places and things. 
Psychic Clairvoyant development with Tony The Healing Medium is a personal,professional and spiritual growth system!

Let the School of Universal Core Healing, be your Guide. I used to ask myself this question, as I’m sure we all do.
So what is the answer?
I will start by saying, we have eight very important major areas in our lives.
They all need to have balance in order for our lives to operate correctly.
But first we need to get rid of the “junk” that is in the way.
If you were going to paint a room, you would have to clean everything out, right?
Well, our internal lives need the same thing.
Most of us have no idea where to start, Right?
Well, we have an energy system in our body. It gives us access to the divine energy that connects us all.
We can unlock our energy centers, and purge all the “junk” from our minds, body and soul.
Once this is done, it will enhance your health, relationships and personal development.

When we choose consciously to embark upon this journey, the companions to our soul will begin to reveal themselves and share the critical wisdom they hold for us. From soulmate contracts with human friends (or foes) to contracts with angels, realized beings, the natural world, and more, Tony the healing medium, will unveil the surprising pairings that may be waiting to spark your spiritual development and personal evolution.

What are you waiting for? Let Tony the healing medium, help you on this journey. More info schoolofuniversalcorehealing.com Psychic development is the fastest road to self realization with Tony The Healing Medium.  Live Heal And Awaken Your Psychic Self!

 Psychic Development inAnaheim-Irvine-Cypress-Lakewood-Orange County-Anaheim


Remember, we all need to take that first step….
by Melody LeMesurier Artist/Psychic




Live Heal And Awaken Your Psychic Self is our mission statement.  Psychic clairvoyant mediumship reiki/energy healing development classes with Tony The Healing Medium are precise and unique with no wasted time and effort.  Tony the healing medium is a very rare spiritualist medium and psychic. He is considered one of the world’s most powerful accurate mediums of our time. His specialty is finding the root cause of any disease or bad manifestation in your life. Oh and yes you will be able to validate all the psychic information he gives you. Knowing exactly what needs to be healed is the first step to releasing and healing and transforming into a powerful medium.  Want spiritual power? Then Tony is the best way to get there rapidly, accurately, and permanently! Stop wasting time and effort with others.  Tony can give details in his reading like no other!  Tony uses no generalities.  He is precise and detail. To the point.  And yes!  you will be able to validate what he or his class gives you 100%. And he can teach you to do same!


To be a medium, a psychic has to fine tune his or hers extra sensory perception to a higher degree.  A clean instrument.  So that they can interface with the spirits of other dimensions. They are able to feel, know, hear, and or hear thoughts, voices, and or mental impressions from the spirit world. A medium is more receptive to higher frequencies and energies on which spirits and avatars vibrate to. Mediumship is much more involved than just using psychic abilities, because mediums open themselves to a discarnate energy a spirit. more info schoolofuniversalcorehealing.com

Here is a video of Tony The Healing Medium class during a third eye attunement which blows open all of your chakras and blows wide open your clairvoyance enabling you to seeing the spirit world with your bare naked open eyes in front of you.  Join us for an incredible evening of enlightenment.  Tap in to your psychic abilities fast!

Host location  Thursdays Nights 7-9 p.m                                                                                                                                                                                             2147 West Romneya Drive – Anaheim Ca 92801 (714) 222-8835

$30 per class sold in 8 class bundle.  $30×8=$240 check, cash or paypal   In 8 weeks you will get detail information about your life! Information that you will be able to Validate about 100%.  You will also receive details on any karmic imprints holding you back from your hearts desire and psychic self!  Tool to bring any karma to a completion so it can be removed completely! and Permanent healing for life!