How to development your Psychic Ability Fast and Accurate

Too many teachers to many PhD’s teaching. So how do you know whether it’s a good teacher or bad. Psychic development is a spiritual wonderful journey. That needs to done with a anointed teacher. Not just with anyone who claims to teach or has a school. My name is Angie I live in orange county and have met some good and some very bad teachers.

One student I met studied with a women with a PhD in Santa Ana.  Spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to develop. An after all that money spent all she was able to give as a psychic reading were metaphors. So there are some questionable teachers out there. Beware of the one is Santa Ana Ca.

The easiest way to choose is to find a Mystic-Guru and not just a teacher. The Mystic or Guru will be able to prove his supernatural powers. Because he or she will be anointed by spiritual beings of light. You see this is a spiritual journey. That needs to be taken with a spiritual being that have been chosen by spirit beings Avatars, Angels, ect. To teach. These anointed being usually teach in what is called a tutelage. Very different than any of the others.  In tutelage the mystic- guru only accepts the people brought by spirit not ego.  When a student is brought to them by spirit.  The guru takes the responsibility of healing them and removing all psychic blocks.  It is a contract with his Spirit Masters.

They are chosen ones. To go out and teach. They have the full cooperation of spirit Avatars. And can pin point a life core issue in complete detail in seconds. Without using metaphors. And these chosen ones can heal. There are powerful healers too. They can prove everything about themselves.

But watch how you approach them. If you challenge them . They might boot you out of there class. Because of you ego. Here is A Mystic one of those chosen ones to go out to teach and lead. Psychic development is a very sacred journey. That needs to be taken with very selected mystical beings of light. This is Tony The Healing Medium he can literally Morph into beings of Light right in front of you. He is no Bs. And is the Real Deal.