Psychic Development Classes and its many benefits

Psychic development classes in Irvine where I take my spiritual metaphysical classes.  Has brought me more than psychic power and its benefits are endless.  Just a few benefits of meditation that can be utilized on a day to day basis. In this post, I will speak from personal experience, not from what I have read or from what someone has told me. Just a couple of ways I have been able to improve how I get through the day. Tony the healing medium is our teacher and guru there were he weekly leads us into a transformational state of mind thru his one of a kind trance  formational meditation.  Where you can you experience you very own mystical awakening.

I am an advanced student of Psychic Development and Mediumship  and the practices of Self Discovery. Like many of you I am doing and  trying to get through the day the best way I can. To do so, I have incorporated Meditation every day.

Common Health Problem

  • High Blood Pressure I almost told the doctors their instruments were broken when they told me that I had high blood pressure. In all my life, it had never been a problem. Then I considered what life and thrown at me and could see how my blood pressure could be affected.
    Now, when I have breaks and lunch at work or during the day at home, I will simply stop, close my eyes and do a brief meditation, as deep as possible in a few minutes.
    I tend to be tense all the time without realizing it. Taking a moment to relax my body and quiet my mind makes me realize my tension and release it. It helps me reconnect with spirit, reconnecting does not have to take long, and tension can be a barrier.
    All of this helps to lower my blood pressure and on some days, keep it low. This practice has had positive results in my checkups. Of course, I do this before a doctors appointment too.
    Mind you, co-workers think I am sleeping and that’s fine with me. I’m in good company since many geniuses took cat naps. Einstein for one, as we all know.

Dealing with Difficult Situaltions

  • Emotional Control I have a job where anyone who has had a bad day can and do come in and take it out on me. We all have situations like that in our lives, whether it be at work, home or in our social circles.
    Taking a few moments to meditate for even five minutes during the day help me to disconnect from my personal feelings. In this way, I remember that the person before is not really angry at me, or yelling at me. In other words, I don’t take it personally.
    If  the person in front of me is truly attacking me, I am more able to take a step back, take myself out of the equation and figure out what is really bothering them.
    Maybe I can help, maybe the best thing I can to is allow them to let off steam, saying nothing that will feed their anger, and perhaps revisit the problem later.

These are just two examples of how meditation can improve the quality of your health and your day. Two that I use consistently. There are so many other ways that it can help. All you need to do is learn to meditate. It does not have to be a long guided meditation, often just a few moments are all you need.

Tony Gomez teaches a Psychic Development class that will teach not just meditation, like so many other classes, but techniques to help you get the most out of the time you have to meditate. He will teach you how to use meditation to improve your health and even how to manifest the life you want rather that dealing with the life you think you have been dealt.

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