Universal Core Healing

Spiritual Healing, psychic development and reiki healing classes are everywhere with lots of people claiming to be psychic and a healer.   So what is the true test of being spiritual healer.  What is true healing ability? Tony the Healing Medium believes every legitimate healer can prove it.  The true test of a real spiritual healer is the ability to channel the root cause to any disease or bad manifestation in  any one life.  That the receiver can validate 100% .   This is the true test of a spiritual healer.   Tony believes psychic development classes are the fastest way to reach a enlightened stage of knowing and understanding.  “Samadhi” There are alot of people with some degree of knowledge in the psychic field, some PhD’s and tons of certificate holding people. But if all you want is a certificate then these people will do fine for you.

Hello my name is Angie Tinsley.

After many years of searching I came across Tony The Healing Medium who is the founder of Universal Core Healing. Tony is one of the world’s most accurate mediums of our time. Tony is anointed by spirit to heal. He is able to pinpoint the root cause to any disease or bad manifestation in your life. Here is his explanation of Universal Core Healing, a spiritual healing modality he founded.

So What is Universal Core Healing..And what does it do?  Universal  Core Healing Brings your Karmic Imprints to a completion.  Bringing balance back into your life!

Karmic imprints.  Gotta love those karmic imprints! So here we go into the nitty gritty of spiritual development.  This is the most important piece of information in your lifetime that you must understand thoroughly.  As these karmic imprints create and manifest your life subconsciously.  So what are karmic imprints?   Here it is in a nut shell.

Why Shit Happens to you (karmic imprints)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Metaphysical Meaning

Have you ever asked yourself why does this keep happening to me.  Why do I keep getting the same results over and over.  Why do I feel this way about me.  Why do I keep getting negative results in my life.  Why can’t I be happy.  Why am I not able to accomplish my life’s desires.  Whether it’s a negative situation that keeps bringing back reoccurring negative feelings in your life.  Or a physical disease manifesting in your life.  Answer is karmic imprints.

While conventional doctors and medicine may bring relief to physical medical and mental conditions through courses of treatment, therapy and surgery, they are merely dealing with the manifested symptoms and not the “ROOT CAUSE” of the problem, which result from karmic imprints that are unresolved trap feelings, some say it’s our subconscious mind drawing in ripened karmic imprints or unreleased and unfaced feelings that needs to be felt all the way down to its core. When the “Root Causes” are not appropriately dealt with, it will simply return time and again from one life to the next. Your karmic imprints will keep manifesting life experiences that keep bringing you back to your trap, unresolved, uncompleted feelings.  That is their purpose, and the method of operation.

Only Spiritual realization, getting in touch with its profound insight into the true cause of suffering can you then remove release and bring to a completion the “Root Cause” of diseases and bad manifestations in your life permanently.  Through the application of Dharma practice which meets cosmic law, or simply fulfilling and feeling your karmic imprints all the way to its deep core levels, which will bring harmony to chaos and pacification to conflict. There is no single phenomenon in the world that does not come with its own means to liberation. If it is there, then God has a way to liberate it. If approached with the right understanding, then even the most challenging condition can become the means of liberation itself – this is the method of Spiritual Medicine. Every Holy book speaks the Truth will set you Free!

Problem nowadays is of false or wrong information. Fake shamans ect…A well developed Psychic, Medium, Spiritualist, True Energy or Spiritual Healer has to be developed enough to instantly channel the “Root Cause” of any negative manifestation. This means full details of the “Root Cause” While this may offend some energy healers, psychic, mediums, spiritualist that are not there yet in their development, this serves as a point of encouragement that finding the root cause is very ascertainable. There are many energy healers channeling some degree of energy to their clients but without knowing the “Root Cause”. It is sometimes or mostly fruitless.

The “Root Cause” needs to be found!!  And given in detail, so that the receiver (client) can VALIDATE!!!!! It.  In this  way you can start understanding the root cause of your manifestations in your life, and if you want, do the means of releasing it. True Healers can pin point any “Root Cause” in your journey. In detail not generalities.  This is the test of the true healer! The key to a good healing is to know exactly what you are healing in detail!

by Tony The Healing Medium