Core Healing, The Beginning

Like Reiki, Core Healing had a beginning.

While there are records of Reiki in Tibet, before it’s rediscovery by Dr. Mikao Usui, it is Dr. Usui’s Reiki that is most popular today.

After years of research and meditation, Dr. Usui was guided to a sacred mountain in Japan. There, after even more meditation, he received Enlightenment on the healing modality we now know as Reiki.

This is an extremely simplified synopsis of origin of Reiki. The point is, it had to start some where. I find it very similar to the story Tony Gomez relates about Core Healing.

Briefly, he was suffering a debilitating disease that threatened to put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. While he had surrendered himself to God many times before, there came a moment when he surrendered himself once more, one last time, from the deepest depths of his heart and soul. He was heard and acknowledged.

Spirit helpers appeared to him in semi-solid form and advised him on what to do to heal himself. He followed the advice given and overnight on New Year’s Eve, 2004 A golden globe of light appeared in his room and healed him. The next day he was out of the wheelchair and mobile. Doctors confirmed he as healed, although they did not know how or why. Just like Reiki had been taught to Dr. Usui through Spirit, Core Healing had been taught to Tony so that he may offer healing and teach this healing modality to others.


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